Star Wars: Squadrons getting custom games and new content

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Back in early October, EA released a statement suggesting that Star Wars: Squadrons won't be getting any new content post-release, stating that it didn't want to 'dribble out' new content for the game.

So mark me as surprised to learn that the game will be getting two brand new content updates, 'dribbling out' over the next month, including a custom game mode and two brand new ships, TIE Defenders and B-Wings, and even a brand new map.

The first of these updates is coming next week and will add a brand new multiplayer map, Forstar Haven, a trading hub based in an asteroid belt. There'll also be new features added to every ship class, such as new shield-piercing bombs or turrets. 

December's update will add two brand new ships, the New Republic B-Wing, and the Imperial TIE Interceptor, to the roster of ships. There'll be alternatives to the Y-Wing and TIE Defender, and will use the same customisation parts, but still, they look awesome. 

The December update is also bringing custom games and a new server browser, which will let you host custom private games, just like the good old days. GameFront Server, anyone?

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2 years ago by Plok

Re: GameFront Server, anyone? 

Yes pls.