Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo Coming This Thursday

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Posted on August 18, 2008, Jonathan Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Demo Coming This Thursday

I guess when LucasArts said a demo for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was coming this month, what they really meant was “in less than a week.” Now LucasArts has confirmed that the demo will actually be hitting the PSN and Xbox Live this Thursday, August 21. Players will be able to play through one of the early levels in the game, the TIE Fighter Construction Facility. Your mission will be to assassinate a general and to make sure there are no witnesses (i.e. kill everyone on board). My guess though is that the demo will stop right before you square off against the general, as so many demos tend to do. Of course, I don’t really need a demo to convince me that this game is going to be awesome, but it’s a nice touch.

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