Star Wars: The Old Republic Loses 400,000 Subscribers

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Published by Jim Sterling 6 years ago , last updated 1 month ago

Electronic Arts has been downplaying the idea that Star Wars: The Old Republic might be bleeding subscribers, but solid figures seem to indicate that a non-insignificant number of users have dropped away. Over 400,000 subscribers have disappeared in the two months since EA boasted of 1.7 million active users. In a recent financial call, the publisher revealed that the number is down to 1.3 million. Still quite a lot of users, but one has to imagine EA was hoping for more, rather than less.

The issue is all the more embarrassing due to EA claiming last month that subscriber numbers were not down. It explained light server populations by claiming that users were simply not online at the same time. Seems that the company wasn’t being entirely honest. Unless it suddenly lost all those subscribers Monday morning.

EA is still trying to save face on the issue, explaining the drop as a loss of “casual consumers” who didn’t feel like renewing after their trial period was up.

I really enjoyed The Old Republic while I was playing it, but after sinking plenty of time into the adventure, I reached a point where I just lost interest, and so far I’ve seen nothing to convince me to return. That’s not a slam on  the game — for it is quite good — but it’s not something I feel like sticking around for. I really feel things would have been better overall if it had just been a normal game as opposed to an MMO.

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