Starcraft Mod Allows Co-Op Ability in Campaign Mode

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Posted on June 30, 2014, Jeff Mills Starcraft Mod Allows Co-Op Ability in Campaign Mode

When you think of a classic RTS games there’s one game that almost everyone should be thinking of… Starcraft. It was one of the first titles that pioneered the simple idea of adding a 3rd faction to fight against in your foes and managed to make the unique abilities each race had balance relatively well against each other.

What really made Starcraft stand-out was the multi-player. Blizzard used Battle.net for matchmaking multi-player, which, allowed you to face off against others from around your respective region. At the time, this was a very new concept and quickly became popular among fans looking to test their skills against one another. This matchmaking ability really made Starcraft stand-out among other RTS titles and with the most balanced factions in an RTS game at its time (arguably, still the best). It now had an ability to allow players to play against one another when the more common way of multi-player gaming was either a direct connection to another person or a LAN-party.

Well, it took a few years, but with a newly released mod the old ways of playing with friends has changed. In a typical RTS game, you’re usually playing on a map setup for 2v2, 4v4, 8v8 matches. A Dedicated duo of modders using the online handles “TyrZ” and “r4z0r84” are about to change the old paradigm with a mod that allows for co-op campaign gaming.

You and your friend will each control your own army through the single player campaign accomplishing objectives and progressing through the storyline. For non-base missions where completing objectives requires a more linear path, newly scripted triggers were added for unit-replenishment and cutscene activation so they happen dynamically for both players. Base missions were setup so players do not spawn close to one another on the map, adding the challenge of coordination and precision attacks against your enemy. Also, because 2 players are now playing against one enemy, the difficulty factor has been scaled up to keep things interesting.

All three campaigns have been completed for the vanilla (base) version of the game. The Terran and Protoss campaigns from Brood War have also been completed with the Zerg campain still under construction.

You can download the mod here.


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