Starfield Console Commands to unlock infinite ammo, health & more

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Much like previous Bethesda games, there are a bunch of console commands hidden within Starfield that make the game a lot easier to play, or if you're creative, break in hilarious ways. Console commands can also be incredibly useful for recovering from unexpected bugs or issues you might encounter while playing the game.

Console commands are PC only, but they'll give you access to some powerful cheats that can unlock weapons, grant you credits, or even make you immortal from damage.

Surprisingly, it isn't all that difficult to enable the console. Be warned, though, that this is technically cheating, and enabling the console will disable achievements. To access the console, you simply need to press the Tilde key (the ~ squiggle you never press below Escape, usually).

Once you've enabled the console, you'll be able to enter any of the following commands to perform the desired effect;

Available Commands

  • God Mode: tgm — Unlimited ammo and health
  • Immortal Mode: tim — You won't die when your health reaches 0
  • Player Spellbook: psb — Unlocks everything from the Spellbook
  • Add Items to Inventory: player.additem (Item ID) (Value) — You can add any item to your inventory, if you know it's Item ID
  • Unlock Doors and Containers: unlock — Unlock the door or container you're focused on
  • Toggle Detect: tdetect — If toggled on, NPCs won't be able to see or detect you
  • Toggle Combat AI: tcai — If toggled on, NPCs won't target you in combat
  • Attach Weapon Mods: (Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID) — Add a compatible mod to your weapon
  • Remove Attached Weapons Mod: (Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID) — Removes a mod from your weapon
  • Kill All NPCs: killall — Will kill all NPCs within the local area
  • Kill All Hostiles: kah — Similar to above, but only kills hostile NPCs
  • Resurrect: resurrect — Necro a dead NPC and bring them back to life!
  • Pay Off Bounties: player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) — Removes any bounties against you
  • Open Character Creator: showlooksmenu player 1 — Change your character appearence at any time
  • Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds: player.addperk (Perk ID) — Modify your skills, traits and backgrounds at any time
  • Remove Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds: player.removeperk (Perk ID) — Similar to above, but removes skills, traits or backgrounds.
  • Set Character Level: player.setlevel (Value) — Immediately level your character to the specified number.

Weapons & Item IDs

Some of the commands above require the relevent Item IDs, here is a list of known Item IDs currently available in the game;


Credits    0000000F    
Digipicks        0000000A    


AA-99    002BF65B
Arc Welder    0026D965
AutoRivet    0026D964
Beowulf    0004716C
Big Bang    0026D963
Breach    000547A3
Bridger    0026D96A
Coachman    0026D96B
Cutter    00016758
Drum Beat    0018DE2C
Discarded Sidestar    002F413A    
Ecliptic Pistol    0026D96E
Eon    000476C4
Equinox    0001BC4F
Grendel    00028A02
Hard Target    00546CC
Kodama    00253A16
Kraken    0021FEB4
Lawgiver    0002D7F4
Maelstrom    002984DF
Mag Shear    0002EB3C
MagPulse    00023606
MagShot    0002EB42
MagSniper    0002EB45
MagStorm    0026035E
Microgun    000546CD
Novablast Disputor    0026D968
Novalight    0026D967
Old Earth Assult Rifle    0026ED2A
Old Earth Hunting Rifle    0021BBCD
Old Earth Shotgun    00278F74
Orion    002773C8
Osmium Dagger    0026D966
Pacifier    002953F8
Rattler    00/040826    
Razorback    00000FD6
Regulator    0002CB5F
Rescue Axe    0004F760
Shotty    0026D960
Sidestar    0026D95D
Solstice    0026D961
Tombstone    0002EB36
Urban Eagle    0026D96D
VaRuun Inflictor    0026D8A0
VaRuun Painblade    0026D8A2
VaRuun Starshard    0026D8A4
Barrow Knife    0026F181
Combat Knife    00035A48
Tanto    0026D8A3
UC Naval Cutlass    0026D8A5
Wakiazashi    0026D8A1


.27 Caliber    002B559C
.43 MI Array    002B559A
.43 Ultramag    02B5599
.45 Caliber ACP    002B5598
.50 Caliber Caseless    002B5597
.50 MI Array    002B5596
1.5KV LZR Cartridges    002BAE3F
11MM Caseless    002B5595
12.5MM ST Rivet    002B5594    
12G Shotgun Shell    000547A1
15X25 CLL Shotgun Shell    002B4AFB
3KV LZR Cartridge    0000E8EC
40MM XPL    002B5592    
6.5MM CT    002B5590    
6.5MM MI Array    002B558F
7.5MM Whitehot    002B558E
7.62x39MM    002B558D
7.77MM Caseless    0004AD3E
9x39MM    002B559B
Caseless Shotgun Shell    002B4AFB
Heavy Particle Fuse    002B558A    
Light Particle Fuse    002783C7    


Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit    00065925
Sentinel's UC Antixeno Spacesuit    0007B2B9
Row 3 - Cell 0     Row 3 - Cell 1
Repulsing Explorer Spacesuit    0022B8F6
Row 6 - Cell 0     Row 6 - Cell 1
Peacemaker Spacesuit    0013F97D    
Row 9 - Cell 0     Row 9 - Cell 1
Bounty Hunter Spacesuit    00/228570    
Constellation Spacesuit    001E2B18
Deep Mining Spacesuit    000/5278E    
Deep Recon Spacesuit    00/2265AE    
Deepcore Spacesuit    0006AC00
Deepseeker Spacesuit    0016D2C4
Deimos Spacesuit    00026BF1
Ecliptic Spacesuit    0022856F
Explorer Spacesuit    002265AF
Gran-Gran's Spacesuit    00257809
Ground Crew Spacesuit    002392B5
Mantis Spacesuit    00226299
Mark I Spacesuit    0001754D
Mercury Spacesuit    001D0F96
Monster Costume    00225FC9
Navigator Spacesuit    00067C94
Old Earth Spacesuit    0003084E
Pirate Assault Spacesuit    00066821
Pirate Charger Spacesuit    00066826
Pirate Corsair Spacesuit    00066828
Pirate Sniper Spacesuit    0006682A
Ranger Spacesuit    00227CA0
Shocktroop Spacesuit    002265AD
Space Trucker Spacesuit    0021C780
Star Roamer Spacesuit    00004E78
Starborn Spacesuit Astra    0012E187
Starborn Spacesuit Avitus    001CBA52
Starborn Spacesuit Bellum    001CBA4E
Starborn Spacesuit Gravitas    0021C77E
Starborn Spacesuit Locus    001CBA4A
Starborn Spacesuit Materia    001CBA49
Starborn Spacesuit Solis    002D7365
Starborn Spacesuit Tempus    002D7346
Starborn Spacesuit Tenebris    001CBA4D
Starborn Spacesuit Venator    0021C77F
SysDef Ace Spacesuit    002AAF44
SysDef Assault Spacesuit    00398104
SysDef Combat Spacesuit    0039810A
SysDef Sec Recon Spacesuit    00398108
SysDef Spacesuit    00398103
Trackers Alliance Spacesuit    00166404
UC Ace Spacesuit    00166410
UC AntiXeno Spacesuit    00206130
UC Combat Spacesuit    00257808
UC Marine Spacesuit    00257805
UC Sec Combat Spacesuit    000EF9B0
UC Sec Recon Spacesuit    000EF9AF
UC Sec Starlaw Spacesuit    000EF9AE
UC Security Spacesuit    000EF9AD
UC Startroop Spacesuit    00257809
UC Urbanwar Spacesuit    0021A86A
UC Vanguard Spacesuit    00248C0F    
UC Wardog Spacesuit    0025780A    
Va'Ruun Spacesuit    00227CA3    

Skill IDs

Boxing    002C59DF
Fitness    002CE2DD
Stealth    002CFCB2
Weight Lifting    002C59D9
Wellness    002CE2E1
Energy Weapon Dissipation    002C59E2
Environmental Conditioning    0028AE17
Gymnastics    0028AE29
Nutrition    002CFCAD
Pain Tolerance    002CFCAE
Cellular Regeneration    0028AE14
Decontamination    002CE2A0
Martial Arts    002C5554
Concealment    002C555E
Neurostrikes    002C53B4
Rejuvenation    0028AE13
Commerce    002C5A8E
Gastronomy    002C5A94
Persuasion    0022EC82
Scavenging    0028B853
Theft    002C555B
Deception    002CFCAF
Diplomacy    002C59E1
Intimidation    002C59DE
Isolation    002C53AE
Negotiation    002C555F
Instigation    002C555D
Leadership    002C890D
Outpost Management    0023826F
Manipulation    002C5555
Ship Command    002C53B3
Xenosociology    002C53B0
Ballistics    002CFCAB
Dueling    002CFCB0
Lasers    002C59DD
Pistol Certification    002080FF
Shotgun Certification    0027DF97
Demolitions    002C5556
Heavy Weapons Certification    00147E38    
Incapacitation    0027DF96
Particle Beams    0027BAFD
Rifle Certification    002CE2E0
Marksmanship    002C890B
Rapid Reloading    002C555A
Sniper Certification    002C53B1
Targeting    002C59DA
Armor Penetration    0027DF94
Crippling    0027CBBA
Sharpshooting    002C53AF
Astrodynamics    002C5560
Geology    002CE29F
Medicine    002CE2DF
Research Methods    002C555C
Surveying    0027CBC1
Botany    002C5557
Scanning    002CFCB1
Spacesuit Design    0027CBC3
Weapon Engineering    002C890C
Zoology    002C5552
Astrophysics    0027CBBB
Chemistry    002CE2C0
Outpost Engineering    002C59E0
Aneutronic Fusion    002C2C5A
Planetary Habitation    0027CBC2
Special Projects    0004CE2D
Ballistic Weapon Systems    002CE2C2
Boost Pack Training    00146C2C
Piloting    002CFCAC
Security    002CE2E2
Targeting Control Systems    002C5559
Energy Weapon Systems    002C59DB
Engine Systems    002CE2DE
Payloads    00222F84
Shield Systems    002C2C59
Missile Weapon Systems    002C5558
Particle Beam Weapon Systems    002C2C5B
Robotics    002C5553    
Starship Design    002C59DC
Starship Engineering    002AC953
Automated Weapon Systems    0027B9ED
Boost Assault Training    0008C3EE    
EM Weapon Systems    002C53B2

Trait IDs

Alien DNA    00227FDA
Dream Home    00227FDF
Empath    00227FD6
Extrovert    00227FD7
Freestar Collective Settler    00227FD5
Hero Worshipped    00227FD9
Introvert    00227FD8
Kid Stuff    00227FDE
Neon Street Rat    00227FD3
Raised Enlightened    00227FD2
Raised Universal    00227FD1
Serpent's Embrace    00227FD0
Spaced    00227FE2
Taskmaster    00227FE0
Terra Firma    00227FE1
United Colonies Native    00227FD4
Wanted    00227FDD

Background IDs

Beast Hunter    0022EC76
Bouncer    0022EC81
Bounty Hunter    0022EC80
Chef    0022EC7F
Combat Medic    0022EC7E
Cyber Runner    0022EC7D
Cyberneticist    0022EC7C
Diplomat    0022EC7B
Explorer    0022EC79
Gangster    0022EC78
Homesteader    0022EC77
Industrialist    0022EC7A
Long Hauler    0022EC75
Pilgrim    0022EC73
Professor    0022EC72
Ronin    0022EC74
Sculptor    0022EC71
Soldier    0022EC70
Space Scoundrel    0022EC6F
Xenobiologist    0022EC6E
File Not Found    002DFD1A


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