Starfield Easter Egg lets you meet yourself after playing 36 times

By FileTrekker 3 months ago, last updated 3 months ago

Let me preface this by saying I enjoyed Starfield, but it's not my favourite RPG out there right now. Honestly, after a while, I find the game starts getting a little boring. Clearly, there are folks out there with the opposite view, as one player has managed to reach NG+36, and discovered an until-now unknown Easter Egg that unlocks a unique encounter with... yourself.

It's probably one of the neatest little secrets I've seen in a game to date. Be warned, though, there are major spoilers ahead, so if you're yet to complete the game, you might want to stop reading now. 

For those unaware, NG+ allows you to start the game's story over again with your existing equipment and skills, upgrades and other stats, essentially allowing you to reply to the game indefinitely without losing progress. It turns out that each time you do this, you're jumping into a different multiverse, as the dialogue with yourself explains (and you can see in the video below)

The secret was discovered by player NikoMueller, who arrived at the Constellation HQ to discover their own character, as it appeared during their original playthrough. Remarkably, the doppelganger you encounter is fully voiced in this cutscene, and even has the same stats that the character had during their first run of the game. They stick around, too, and can join your crew and even share stories of their past experiences.

It's unclear if the character appears specifically during the 34th playthrough or if the encounter is completely random. If the latter, it seems to be an incredibly rare occurrence, as this appears to be the first time anyone has reported this encounter in the game. Who knows what other secrets may be hidden out there in the Settled Systems?


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3 months ago

Well that's curious.
There were various cases of progress being saved between subsequent playthroughs, especially in games like "999" or "Ai: Somnium Files" where replaying scenarios with using your "future knowledge" and making different decisions is the way to get to the "True ending".

The outright dopelganger of your own character - now that's a first I can think of.