Starfield will have the biggest map in a Bethesda game yet

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

According to Todd Howard, insert meme here, so make of it what you will, but according to the big man himself, Bethesda's next RPG Starfield will feature the biggest map ever featured in a Creation Engine game - although I hope we're not including a lot of empty space in that estimation...

The news came from the Develop: Brighton conference, where Howard shared some details on the upcoming game. The map will apparently be bigger than that seen in Fallout 76, which itself is four times bigger than that seen in Skyrim. 

He also went into some of the technical details of creating the world, including the fact that some of the landscape will be procedurally generated, something we've seen in other Elder Scrolls and Fallout games. Of course, the main play areas are all handcrafted.

Howard also talked about how Starfield, and in turn Th Elder Scrolls VI, will feature more lively cities and environments, being much larger and featuring more NPCs than in previous games, with NPC's also being more dynamic and have a "larger role" in the story.

All of this is thanks to an overhaul to the Creation Engine, which Howard described as "a larger jump than that from Morrowind to Oblivion," which sounds promising. In particular, rendering, animation, and AI have been the focus of improvements, something I think we'd all agree needed the most work.

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