State of Decay 2 is getting overhauled for it's Steam debut

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

State of Decay 2 is already available on PC, releasing in May last year, but to date has been exclusive to the Microsoft Store. The game is making it's way to the Steam platform though, and promises to have something of an overhaul when it does.

Known as the Juggernaught edition, it'll be expanded compared to the original Microsoft version, but the Microsoft Store will be getting the update too, so there'll be no need to re-purchase the game. 

There'll be a new open-world map, known as Providence Ridge, along with an overhauled post-tutorial experience to make learning the game a little smoother. There's also some new heavy melee weapons, graphical enhancements, some additional music, and a lot of bug fixes and polish.

The bitter-sweet part is that the game's DLC, Independence Pack, Daybreak Pack and Heartland will all be included for free, too. Those who already bought that DLC will get some exclusive gifts, though, but I'm not sure that'll be enough to take the sour taste away personally.

Undead Labs, the developer of the game, confirmed that the upcoming Steam release will be fully cross compatible with both Microsoft Store and Xbox One versions, meaning you can play together across all three.

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