State on StarCraft: Now Streaming From Korea!

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Posted on December 3, 2013, Ryan Visbeck State on StarCraft: Now Streaming From Korea!

State on StarCraft is a weekly column on Game Front by Ryan “State” Visbeck, a pro StarCraft 2 player. Each week State brings you his unique perspective on all things StarCraft, including tips, tricks and stories from the front line of competitive play.

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Hey, all!

I’m at the fOu house! Training officially starts this week, and I’ve never been more excited to play. I’m going to talk in-depth about life at the team house sometime down the road, but I want to touch on my first impressions right away!

The biggest difference between the ROOT and fOu houses is definitely the sleeping quarters. At ROOT we each had our own bed and bathroom, while the fOu house is much more like a barracks. The StarCraft and DotA 2 squads each have their own room lined with bunks, much like the StarTale house I trained in last year in Korea.

The fOu house is also in a really nice location. Some of my favorite foods—like Korean fried chicken and a pork stew called ‘gamjatang’—are just a short walk away, and there are a ton of places to shop right on our block. You can grab a coffee, run for groceries and shop for clothing or electronics without walking more than half a mile. If that’s not enough, pretty much every restaurant delivers. Want burgers, chicken or barbecue? They’re just a phone call away. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but all the little conveniences in Korea are amazing.

Hands-down, the biggest surprise so far has been Hurricane. He’s the top-ranked player in the house and is one of the fastest players I’ve ever seen. I sit next to him in the training area and I’m already learning way more than I’d expected. I’m surprised that we haven’t seen that much of him in the GSL and I fully expect that to change when next year comes around.

Managing the language barrier isn’t nearly as hard as I thought it’d be. Everybody on fOu has a pretty good grasp on English and Blitz—the mid on fOu’s DotA team—has been super helpful in translating whenever things get rocky. Seed and I are making plans to teach each other English and Korean, and I’m hoping that I’ll have some basic conversational skills down in just a couple of weeks.

Last week I talked about my new streaming schedule for December, and it’s starting now! I’ll be streaming Monday through Thursday from about 12PM-12AM KST (that’s 10PM-10AM Eastern) to my channel on Twitch. I’m also releasing new replay packs after each stream to my Twitch chat, so make sure to tune in!

You can follow me on Twitch and Twitter to know when I’m streaming.

Here’s this week’s pack, and I’ll see you guys next week!

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