State of Decay 2 is making it's way to Steam

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

State of Decay 2 has already been available on PC, releasing in May last year, but to date has been exclusive to the Microsoft Store. For those of you who just refuse to buy their games through the Redmond platform though, there's good news, as the game will soon be making it's way to Steam.

The listing on Steam is live now, and the game is scheduled to launch on the platform at some point early next year. There's not much more to note yet, although the page also confirms cloud save support and cross-platform multiplayer, which is nice.

Indeed, Undead Labs, the developer of the game, confirmed that the upcoming Steam release will be fully cross compatible with both Microsoft Store and Xbox One versions, meaning you can play together across all three.

More details about the Steam release will be revealed on the 25th of November through a livestream on YouTube, Twitch and Mixer, so stay tuned for any more details as we learn it. 


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