Steam Deck supply chain issues are coming to an end

By FileTrekker 10 months ago, last updated 10 months ago

Valve has posted an update on the ongoing fulfillment issues of the Steam Deck, stating that the supply chain issues plaguing the device are now "gradually clearing up," with the company now producing more Decks than "ever before."

Hardware has been in short supply ever since the pandemic hit back in 2020, coupled with general global economic decline. Steam Deck has been no different, with many orders being pushed back and delayed. It's not entirely clear which components are the cause of the supply chain problems, but according to some sources, switching to PCI express 3.0 and using two SSDs instead of the original 4 drives has managed to relieve some of the problems.

This means that most customers who paid a deposit for a Steam Deck and are still waiting should get their device, at the latest, before the end of December 2022. There may be room for new orders to also fit in the Q4 2022 timeframe, too, although if you've not yet put cash down for one, you'll most likely still be waiting until 2023 at the earliest.

Some orders may also be accelerated, with some customers currently slated to get their Deck during Q3 of this year now starting to see their orders fulfilled.


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