Steam's Summer Sale is here once again to drain your wallet

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

Most gamers have a love-hate relationship with the Steam Summer Sale - love because you can get some pretty awesome and silly deals on some games that you were really keen to try but didn't want to pay full price for - and hate because you inevitably end up spending more than you intended and living on beans on toast for the rest of the month.

Still, the 2019 summer sale is now live, and there's some pretty decent deals on offer. Some particularly good choices are Two Point Hospital, which is currently half price, as well as Euro Truck Simulator 2, which is just $5 and well worth the admission price - it's oddly good fun.

Borderlands 2 is also on sale for $5, well worth playing before Borderlands 3 releases, and Just Cause 3, Soul Calibur 6 and Monster Hunter: World all have fairly decent deals, too.

There's an interesting mechanic this year, too, in the "Steam Grand Prix" - a new event that enables players to join a team and contribute something called "distance points" by completing various quests withing games, such as killing someone Fear of the Wolves, for example. At the end of each day of the sale, the team with the most points will get three GP points, the second best two GP points, and third one GP point, which can then be used to claim rewards or even get free games from their wishlist at random.

Let us know what games you're picking up the sales in the comments below!


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4 years ago

People leveling up to Level 20k+ and one team is dominating by a huge margin. I guess Steam levels couldn't get any more meaningless.