Steam's updated interface is now live for all

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

The updates Steam library interface, which brings many improvements, is now live to all users generally, after being tested in beta since September. 

The new interface gives us a new central game library, with a games on a shelf type appearance in addition to the traditional sidebar list. You'll of course be able to customize the page to suit your preferences, having only certain things visible if you prefer.

Another nice addition is a new banner at the top of the screen informing you of updates to your games and what new features have been added. The update also makes it much easier to see what friends are playing currently.

Remote Play Together is now also available in beta to everyone, though this is opt-in, so you'll  need to switch to the Beta branch. This lets gamers play together on remote computers, for example local co-op only games. Many retro games will benefit from this feature.

The update is available to download now.

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