Stellaris and DLC's are on sale on the Humble Store right now

By Mikey 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Do you like Space?

Do you like exploring new planets, expanding your empire, exploiting the galaxies, and exterminating your enemies (or friends)?

Do you enjoy epic gaming soundtracks?

Then boy do I have a treat for you!

Stellaris, the 4X Grand Strategy Space Opera game from Paradox Interactive is currently on sale on the Humble Store for as much as 76% off until (from what we can gather) 28 January 2021.

Now, I know, I know, Stellaris has been out for three years already, but the game is receiving constant love and attention from the developers over at Paradox in the form of Species Packs, DLC's and full-on new expansions, with the next new content drop expected later this year (according to an interview with a Paradox developer by YouTuber ASpec, video here) and is definitely worth the pickup.

As a warning, this game is not a hit and run type of game, as with all Grand Strategy and 4X games, the playtime in this game for one start to finish galaxy conquest can range well into the multiple days mark. If like me, you're playing with friends online it can take weeks to get a game from start to finish, the time investment is quite large, but the experience is like nothing I have had in other grand strategy games, with the music and the storylines it really does feel like you're in a grand space opera.

To get started you will need the base game:

  • Stellaris - 76% off, £8.30 / $9.99 / AU$14.23

Or the Galaxy edition for some "Special Edition" type goodies:

Then, if you feel like it, the expansions ordered by release date are below:

Then, if you wish there are the various Story Packs, Species Packs, and other such stuff in no specific order below:

If you're unsure, start with the base game and one of the first expansions. A lot of the newer mechanics were added in Utopia, and built upon in Apocalypse and Federations, with Megacorp focussed mainly on adding a new set of playable traits.

I realize this reads as somewhat of a Stellaris love letter, but I saw it was on sale on Humble and figured I would put the PSA out there, especially as the full collection on Steam is reaching into the triple-digit mark. When you buy from Humble you also support charities, so you can save money whilst also doing good.



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