Stolen Xbox 360 Returned by Moron; Internet Dogs Called Off

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Posted on March 26, 2008, Jonathan Stolen Xbox 360 Returned by Moron; Internet Dogs Called Off

robber1-1.jpgFour days. That’s how long it took for the wrath of the internet community to cause a moron to cave and return a stolen Xbox 360 to its rightful owner. You may recall an interesting tale recently where a man named Jesse McPherson returned home to find his house had been burglarized and his TV, laptop, and Xbox 360 had been stolen. Not only that, but then he began receiving harassing voice messages on his new console from a person claiming to be the thief. So he did what anyone familiar with the powers of the internet would do and sent the internet after the thief by posting his story and the kid’s Xbox Live account online. After the story got picked up by Digg, the internet community leapt into action and managed to find out the kid’s real name, address, high school, phone number, AIM name, etc. Then they pretty much began harassing him non-stop over the weekend, leading the kid to hand-deliver the laptop back to its owner.

Well, now this story seems to have reached a somewhat happy conclusion as McPherson has reported that his Xbox has now been returned safe and sound. The kid’s mom dropped the console off on his doorstep wrapped in a white trash bag and then called him to tell him it was there. McPherson also said that the police now have a lead on the actual robber and “seem to be doing their job,” as opposed to before when he pretty much gift-wrapped a lead for them and had the door slammed in his face. But since he’s got his 2/3 of his stuff back, he asked the admin behind the wiki page with all the kid’s personal info to remove all the content; and they seem to have complied. And internet justice has prevailed.

Via McPherson’s Blog  [image via Weird Asia News]

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