Stone Temple Pilots, Garbage, and Weezer 'Rock Band' DLC Coming February 19th

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Posted on February 16, 2008, Stephany Stone Temple Pilots, Garbage, and Weezer 'Rock Band' DLC Coming February 19th

stone temple pilots

So more Rock Band downloadable content for the week of February 19th has surfaced thanks to some sleuthing gamers, and the content is good indeed. Well, some of it is anyway.

The big news, we get another taste of Stone Temple Pilots with the release of “Sex Type Thing” which consequently is one of my favorite tracks to come from the band. Being a big fan of the band, except for that one loathsome release of theirs that I will not mention on here, would make spending the $1.99 on the song much easier to swallow – if I OWNED Rock Band that is. “Sex Type Thing” is one of STP’s best. It is a grand song with angry licks, great rhythm, and will be fun as hell to sing. “Unglued”, “Silvergun Superman”, “Sin” and “Dead and Bloated” would be cool to have as well and hopefully more of STP will be coming in the future. By the way, if you live in the Columbus, OH area they will be performing a reunion show on May 28th – I wish that was not such a long drive for me.

Also headed to Rock Band this week is Weezer’s “El Scorcho,” and Garbage’s “Why Do You Love Me” – like STP, both are original tracks and will cost $1.99 (160 MS Points). I wish they would pick better Garbage songs, but I am sure eventually their whole catalog will be available at the rate this is going – as long as they do not offer the theme song to “The World is not Enough” (speaking of garbage….).

So here is my gripe about this and it is a small one – with all of the new DLC coming out for Rock Band I will officially have to declare bankruptcy by the time I get it for my 360 and download all of the songs offered. That being said, I probably will not get all of the songs because I do not like all of them but that does not mean that it will not take me forever to catch up even with the ones I do like. Plus, with my domestic partner (that is what he insists I call him) not interested in playing with me and saying that we could put the $150 to better use – it would be silly for me to even purchase the game. I am on the fence about this – what do you do when you want to purchase something that requires “co-approval” from your live-in boyfriend and at the same time would be silly to buy because the game is not considered solo entertainment?

I guess I will just have to impose on my friend Ron (our News Manager) and his wife when the new DLC comes out. Maybe if I brought a homemade lasagna with me it would seem like less of an imposition.

Thanks: Videogaming 247. I sincerely hope Europe gets the game soon for your sake.

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