Strategy Game BATALJ Launches 21 February 2019 on Steam

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Published by Digz 3 years ago

Fall Damage Studio has announced that their new game BATALJ will be launching mid February on Steam, it a turn based strategy game. You can build your own squad from a choice of three factions and create the perfect squad to beat down the enemy using a unique strategy. The game has developed a new simultaneous turn system to avoid any downtime between turns, as it is a turn based strategy game to ensure maximum game time and to really test your strategic thinking skills under pressure. 

The game name literally translates to "combat" in Swedish, and it is made by Fall Damage who were founded 2016 by veterans from Dice so we can count on a good game with well thought out game mechanics. From the sounds of the game we are eagerly anticipating it as it could change the dynamics of turn based games forever. 

Here are some features listed on the games Steam page:

  • Build your own squad - Base your squads on one of the three factions in BATALJ; Rusters, Re-Linked or Splicers. Choose one of the nine different heroes. Each one with their own strengths and weaknesses. Mix and match between the 54 distinctly different units to create the perfect squad.
  • Simultaneous turns - BATALJ offers a unique take on simultaneous turns where your skill in finding the best plays is key. Lock in your actions, then watch how your strategy plays out. Will it be you or your opponent who is the strategic mastermind, who outsmarted and outplayed the other.
  • Fast paced strategy - Thanks to the simultaneous turn system you will have minimum downtime with almost no waiting time between turns.
  • Head to head - Play against an online opponent or matchmake against one of your Steam friends.

Anders Gyllenberg, CEO at Fall Damage states:

We’ve been hard at work getting the game as polished and stable as we can. The team set out to deliver three factions, nine heroes and 54 units - and that’s what we’re doing. Ultimately giving players millions of squad variants to play around with and ‘break the meta’. We are super excited to announce that the release date for BATALJ will be the 21st of February.

Check out the reveal trailer below:

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