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Streamer leaks Rainbow Six Parasite footage and reveals details

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

If you're invited to a technical test for a pretty important upcoming game, generally speaking, it is wise to adhere to that NDA that you signed. Sometimes, though, somebody is brave (and stupid) enough to ignore it, as has been the case this week when a Facebook user streamed over an hour of gameplay to the platform, which has since been taken down.

It basically showed the first hour of tutorials though, giving us some insight into how Rainbow Six Siege's gunplay and other mechanics are carried over into Parasite, including the barricades, drones, and all of the current roster of operators. We also saw some of the game's enemies, known as Archaeans, which are able to survive in extreme environments and look like blue-green aliens with sharp blades as limbs. Fun.

The missions appeared to centre on stealth and information gathering - as players sneak around, perform takedowns and plant trackers on the various Archaean nests. If you disturb them, though they'll spawn more enemies and slow your moment with a black biofilm. Once you've completed your objectives, you have to pass through an airlock to get to the next objective, and you'll need to make sure all your operators make it or they'll be left behind, much like Left 4 Dead.

The game is far from finished though, so expect a lot of this to change or be updated before anything official is revealed. Still, it gives us an insight into what we might expect from this next entry in the Rainbow Six series. 


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