Street Fighter HD Beta Starts June 25

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Posted on June 11, 2008, Chris Street Fighter HD Beta Starts June 25

Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix TrailerThose of you struggling to figure out why you can’t yet play — hold on, give me a moment to inhale — the beta of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix should probably know that, while Commando 3 is out today, the HD beta doesn’t start until June 25th. If you buy Commando on the Xbox Live Arcade, you’re assured access to the beta, but you’ll find that the HD beta option in the Commando 3 menu will produce an error for the time being. Starting on June 25, you’ll be able to download the beta and play.

From Capcom’s US blog:

To play the SSF2T HD Remix Beta, here’s what you do:

  1. Buy Commando 3 on XBL. Play it, love it.
  2. In the Commando 3 menu, you’ll notice an option for “Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Beta” (insert long name joke here). If you hit that option, you’ll get an error. Why is this? Because the SSF2T HD Remix Beta isn’t live until June 25th.
  3. If you hit the Beta menu option on or after June 25th, 2008, you’ll be taken to an XBL blade offering to let you download the new SSF2T HD Remix Beta.
  4. Download the Beta, and then you can find it your “Games Library” under “Demos.”
  5. Start it up and commence dragon-punchery.

This would’ve been nice to know earlier, as I can imagine Street Fighter fans have already wasted hours in the menus of Commando 3. In the meantime, just watch the trailer above a lot of times (I counted to 25 while watching, so if my math is right, you’ll need to watch it 48,384 times before you get to this time on June 25)  and/or check out the many screenshots we have on FileFront.

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