Streets of Tarkov is a new urban map packed with intense detail

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Published by FileTrekker 1 month ago

There's a new map available in Escape from Tarkov's latest patch, and it's mixing things up with a densely packed urban environment with tall buildings, alleyways, and plenty of abandoned vehicles and infrastructure to give players a sense of cramped, close-quarters urban warfare.

Released as part of the 0.13 patch update, the new map ups the anti much faster pace and sense of adrenaline thanks to its setting - you'll need to think on your feet and use your environment to survive here - making it a nice change of pace from what we've seen so far.

As you can see from the trailer above, the city is incredibly detailed and there's a ton of variation in strategy that could be applied here. It's not the only thing to be included in the patch though, with the trailer also showing off a few new items and weapons.

Some of the weapons being added include an AUG bullpup rifle, SR-2 submachine gun, RSH-12 assault revolver, and an under-barrel GP-34 and M203 grenade launchers. There's also a new boss being added in the update, along with new repair kits that will allow you add enhancements to your weapons and armour.

The update is out now, although the game remains in beta and is still under active development. That being said, there's also a New Year event taking place in-game right now the celebrate the new year, and the new patch launch.

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