Super Skyrim Bros. brings Mario to Special Edition

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

This new mod from Clintmich turns the land of Skyrim into a colorful world of coins, bricks and Koopa Troopas, as The Dragonborn meets Super Mario in this rather weird and wonderful mashup mod, which is available for download now!

The mod transforms Skyrim into the iconic Super Mario Brothers, complete with everything you would expect, from giant mushrooms, Thwomps, Goombas and all manner characters that have graced the Mario series over the years. 

The mod's backstory, predictably, begins with Princess Toadstool being captured by Bowser (predictably) - and the player must embark on an all new journey to quest through the Mushroom Kingdom and save the princess. The mod includes all manner of enemies, bosses and more along the way.

The Mushroom Kingdom is added as a new realm to explore within Skyrim, so the rest of the game remains untouched, and the new area includes some small quests and mini-games to complete. The mod attempts to remain integrated into Skyrim lore by appearing to the player as a dream, therefore explaining it's presence within the game.

There are also collectable cards that have been hidden throughout the Mushroom Kingdom, and 43 are available to collect. There are also various hidden characters and easter eggs hidden throughout, so there's plenty to explore, including 4 Warp Zones that have been hidden throughout the map.

There's a multitude of other mini-games and things to do, which keeps this mod interesting and adds plenty of replay value.

If you want to pick up the mod, it's available to download from NexusMods.

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