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Posted on May 13, 2014, GameFront Staff Super Time Force Cheats

Welcome to the infinite cheats compendium for Super Time Force, the new indie action-platformer on Microsoft’s little family of consoles. Here, we’ll travel across time and space to uncover every hidden tidbit of unlockable info on this mesmerizing XBLA shooter. That includes unlockable characters, collectible items, achievement guides, and anything else we can discover locked away in the annals of time.

So, what’s the deal with Super Time Force? Like Contra, or even the more recent Hardcorps: Uprising, you’ll fight across side-scrolling levels while demolishing waves of enemies and the occasional gigantic boss monster. Supplementing the old-school action are pixel art visuals — this is a hyper-kinetic action platformer, and it wants you to know it.

To keep things unique, you’ll have some of those time-controlling powers games are so fond of nowadays. Instead of simply slowing down the flow of time, you’ll be able to rewind too. Ever played Clover’s (now Platinum Games) Viewtiful Joe series? It works kind of like that. With each rewind, your past-self will stick around and continue every action you just did. Double the firepower, double the fun.

Throw in a bunch of extra characters, some unique powers for each one, and the ability to switch heroes on the fly and you’ve got a pretty good collection of skills at your disposal. We’ll try to provide all the details we can to upgrade, unlock, and achieve everything there is in Super Time Force. Just stick with us in the future.

Remember that cheat codes are pretty rare in games so we’ve expanded our scope to include anything that’ll improve your gaming experience. Check out the full list of links below.

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