Super Time Force: Looker Challenges Guide

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Posted on May 15, 2014, GameFront Staff Super Time Force: Looker Challenges Guide

Strange pixels from another world appear in every Super Time Force stage, but the question is — what’s the deal? We know the deal, and we’re willing to pass this secret temporal information on to future generations. These odd-ball pick-ups actually initiate a tough challenge that only the most masterful Time Force agents can conquer. See what the Lookers want and get some tips in the guide below.

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Looker Challenges Guide

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What are Looker Shards?

Looker shards are located near the end of each stage. You’ll know the level is almost over if you can spot a large shard-like pick-up.

There is no penalty for activating a Looker Shard. The first time you touch the shard, a Looker will contact the Super Time Force. Apparently these extraterrestrials are looking for cool guys to hang out with, but they need to test you first.

Grabbing a Looker shard creates a timer located underneath the collectible counters to the right of the ticking clock. This tiny clock represents the amount of time you’ll have to reach the Looker from the beginning of the level.

That’s right, Looker shards initiate stringent time trials. The time requirement is very tight, so you’ll need to learn each level to complete a trial.

Looker Time Trial Tips

To complete a Looker Time Trial, you’ll want plenty of characters unlocked to quickly deal with any challenges in your path. You’ll also want to find every Shard collectible and collect every +10 second power-up along the way.

The Shard collectibles are your best tool for speeding through the stage in enough time to win a Looker Trial. Make note of their locations, or get some help with GameFront’s Super Time Force Shards Collectibles Locations Guide.

After activating a Time Trial, rewind to the start of the stage [LB] and begin your speed run from there. If something slows you down, save up glorbs and rewind again and again. The faster your time, the faster your previous selves will get ahead, and the faster they’ll kill the enemies slowing your progress.

Just keep trying. Remember, you’ve got 30 tries by default and there’s no penalty for restarting from the very beginning.

Got some tips of your own for completing these tough challenges? Let us know in the comments.

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