Super Time Force: Super Hardcore Mode Unlockable Guide

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Posted on May 18, 2014, GameFront Staff Super Time Force: Super Hardcore Mode Unlockable Guide

If you’ve got what it takes to join Super Time Force, then maybe you’re just cool enough to try your hand at Super Hardcore Mode. Just in case STF’s “Contra on Crack“-style makes you feel too wimpy, you can hit up the campaign a second time in this extra-hard unlockable game mode.

No, this isn’t a lazy difficulty spike. There’s actually something unique going on here. The gameplay changes, forcing you to use every member of your squad. Death has consequences. If you’re man enough, check out the full guide for Super Hardcore Mode below.

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Super Hardcore Mode Unlockable Guide

How to Unlock

This special mode becomes available after finishing all seven levels;

  • 198X
  • Year 199X
  • 9600 BC
  • Year 3072
  • Year 673
  • 1,000,000 BC
  • Dr. Infinity

After defeating the last boss, special mode will appear in the main menu select screen.

How Super Hardcore Mode Works

Playing Super Hardcore Mode restarts the campaign. Any characters you’ve unlocked in Normal Mode carry-over to Super Hardcore Mode.

There’s only one major change in Super Hardcore mode. The level difficulty is exactly the same. Bosses take just as many hits, and your powers aren’t made weaker.

Instead, death now has consequences. Every time a Super Time Force member is killed, they’ll stay dead until you’ve “Saved” them, which unlocks the characters and allows you to choose them again. While a character is “dead” a red skull will appear over their icon.

If you’re unable to save a character from death, they’ll stay dead for the remainder of the stage. Lose every character and it’s Game Over.

You’ll still have 30 default time-rewinds, with 10 collectible glorbs along the way of each stage. Death is just a lot more deadly.

Saving a character then losing their extra power after taking a hit will not invalidate the rescue.

To make Super Hardcore Mode easier, you’ll want to unlock as many extra characters as possible. Check out how with our Super Time Force: Unlockable Characters Guide.

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