Super Time Force Ultra: How to Unlock New PC Characters

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Posted on September 2, 2014, GameFront Staff Super Time Force Ultra: How to Unlock New PC Characters

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Super Time Force lands on Steam with it’s Ultra edition, including three bonus Valve-related characters to unlock. See how to earn them all with the quick and dirty guide below, explaining how to get the manliest Australian crocodile-punching CEO on your team of time-traveling maniacs.

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PC Exclusive Characters Unlock Guide

To unlock these Valve-themed Steam PC exclusive characters, you’ll need to discover hidden shards and glorbs. To find every shard, check out the Shard Collectibles Locations Guide on GameFront.

Shard and Glorb progress can be checked in different rooms of your spaceship base between missions. Explore and you’ll see large containers holding each type of collectible with a percentage number. Check the status screens when replaying levels to see which Glorbs or Shards you’ve missed.

Saxton Hale

  • How to Unlock: Collect 25% of Shards.
  • Abilities: Normal – Short range bunches / Special – Directional charge and punch flurry.
  • Origin: Saxton Hale is the fictional CEO of Mann Co. and an important part of the Team Fortress 2 extended universe.


  • How to Unlock: Collect 10% of Glorbs.
  • Abilities: Normal – Pistol Shot / Special – Timed Propane Bomb
  • Origin: One of the four cooperative protagonists of Valve’s Left 4 Dead series.


  • How to Unlock: Collect 25% of Glorbs.
  • Abilities: Normal – Flare Shot / Special: Flamethrower Burst
  • Origin: The Pyro class of Team Fortress 2 makes his pixelated 2D debut as the final member of Super Time Force.

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