Supreme Ruler: Cold War Trailer — Perestroika What?

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Posted on July 18, 2011, Ben Richardson Supreme Ruler: Cold War Trailer — Perestroika What?

Paradox Interactive is known for the most faithful, in-depth strategy games around, and Supreme Ruler: Cold War is no exception. Set during the uneasy truce that left much of the world cowering under the threat of nuclear annihilation, the game allows you to take control of a global superpower, furthering your interests and grinding your enemies to dust.

The level of detail shown in the trailer below is nothing short of astounding. I’m pretty sure achieving success in the game actually qualifies you to administrate a Soviet satellite nation. Given the lack of real-world consequences in game, however, I’m not sure I’d want some bloodthirsty strategy gamer with his hand on the red telephone.


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