Survival horror The Callisto Protocol is looking very Dead Space

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

The Callisto Protocol was officially revealed for the first time at The Game Awards 2020, taking everyone by surprise by being an original IP fro some of the team behind the Dead Space series - and if you ask me, this new Sci-Fi survival horror seems to be very much a spiritual successor.

The game is set for a 2022 release, so all we really know so far is what we see in the trailer (below) - but there's a lot of comparisons to draw here. Despite being a similar style of game, set in space, there's a lot we can glean from the trailer, which gives off an aesthetic that just screams 'Dead Space' to me.

The game seems to be set on some kind of prison ship or space station, as far as I can tell, and there's plenty of alien life-forms roaming around to ruin your day. This seems to be a horror game first and foremost, which makes a lot of sense. 

In any case, I'm excited to learn more about it. Stay locked to GameFront for more news on The Callisto Protocol as we learn about it.

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