System Shock is getting it's first campaign mod - 24 years after release

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Published by FileTrekker 6 months ago , last updated 6 months ago

We love taking joy in the fact that classic titles from years gone by are still being kept alive and well by their modding communities, it's a staple of our site and it's long heritage. This is a bit of a unique story, though, as I think this is the first time a game has only just had it's first ever campaign mod created and released, a whopping twenty-four years after it was first released!

The mod, called System Shock: Rewired, is currently under development by Night Dive Studios, and is something of an unofficial DLC for the game, with a continuation of the story, three new levels, and four cyberspace areas, set upon the new ship UNN Bismarck. Of course, the scope of the mod is much smaller than the main game story, but this is the first significant mod for the original game in all of these years, and is looking to be a pretty awesome mod.


Curiously, System Shock 2 had it's fair share of bigger mods, so weather it be timing, engine limitations or something else that simply led to the community favoring the second game over the first, we are not sure. It's great to see though that, even all these years later, there are passionate gamers who want to create new content for their favorite games, even if I was 6 years old when it was released.....

I feel old.

If you've never played System Shock, incidentally, it's well worth a visit, being something of a cousin to the popular Bioshock series,  with similar mechanics and plenty of atmosphere, and once you're done, you can pick up the mod from our sister site, ModDB, here.

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