Take Two put a stop to Red Dead Redemption mod

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

We reported the other week about a new mod project to enhance the original Red Dead Redemption by giving it new graphics, shaders and effects while making the game more optimized for PC emulation. It seems now that, predictably, Take-Two have taken exception to the move and put a halt on further development of the mod.

In an update posted on the official page, the author stated that the project had been halted due to an e-mail from Take-Two, who had ordered the development to cease. DamnedDev also confirmed that an update video will be main to explain, and that he was "not very happy".

 I can't [say what happened] but you know who had a hand in this halt, I rather not speak more as they warned me to be hush but cmon really people already gonna know if it gets shut down out of no where. Just gonna put it like that if you get the drift or not. But yeah usual corp greed thinks they can bully you.

DamnedDev also voiced anger over the misrepresentation of the mod in the media, as they failed to focus on the modification element of the project, implying it would be a full release of the game instead, which would be piracy.

DamnedDev is at least looking at legal options to be able to resume working on the mod, stating that he has a strong case and may be able to change their minds. Frome experience, though, a similar mod for GTA V which was going to bring the world of Red Dead Redemption into GTA V also fell foul of Take-Two, and development was never resumed.

We'll report should there be any further developments.


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