Team Fortress 2 breaks it's all-time online player record

By FileTrekker 3 years ago, last updated 3 years ago

Valve seems to have a lot of long-term successes in their portfolio of games, and following on from Left 4 Dead 2's recent surprise content update, Team Fortress 2 has also flexed it's staying power this week by beating its all-time record for the number of concurrent online players.

The game originally launched 13 years ago and is still holding regular events including it's annual Halloween event - Scream Fortress XII - which has prompted a huge influx of players to the game since it went live earlier this week. 

It's not like the event is anything special either, outside of a few cosmetic items and community maps, but no doubt the fact people are spending more time at home has helped drive the huge surge in players - which peaked above 130,000 - according to SteamDB.

That's a huge number of concurrent players, although there's no doubt a certain percentage of that are bots. Even so, it's an impressive figure and shows the game is still very much alive and kicking. Just how many are legit players and how many are bots, we'll never know, though.


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