Team Fortress 2 Goes Cooperative with Mann vs. Machine Update

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Posted on August 14, 2012, Phil Hornshaw Team Fortress 2 Goes Cooperative with Mann vs. Machine Update

Valve’s newest update to Team Fortress 2 brings its own take on the “horde” modes that seem to have made their way into all shooters everywhere. This one includes robots, and gives players a cooperative take on TF2 that previously didn’t exist.

You’ll be facing a number of robots with different abilities in Mann vs. Machine, ranging from a bomb with legs to various mechanical takes on the different character classes available among the humans. There are also apparently giant robots to deal with, and they all come at you in different waves. Human players will be able to form teams of up to six to battle them.

Like in other horde modes, you can spend the time between the waves upgrading your abilities and defenses in Mann vs. Machine, which sounds like it’ll be key to keeping from getting murdered.

There’s a bunch more information available on TF2′s new MvM website, right here.

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