Team Fortress 2's latest patch tried to stomp out bots and failed

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 1 year ago

Valve dropped the first patch for Team Fortress 2 in a while yesterday, which aimed at tackling the major bot problem that has plagued the game for some time now. The game has become a prime target for bad actors in recent years thanks to a combination of the game's lucrative real-money marketplace, the availability of Source Engine tools, and last year's source code leak which has lead to games being filled with bots.

The bots do everything from running around in circles to filling games with chat and mic spam, and even hog servers for themselves by instantly kick voting legitimate players who try to join. It makes the game fairly unplayable at times. The latest patch aimed to fix this, and for a short period of time, it seemed to be working, at least at first. Sadly, most of the bots are now back after presumably being tweaked to skirt around whatever protections the update put in place.

As such the patch didn't really solve anything, except breaking community modded servers, it seems. The game's community continues to fight back by using their own 'white-hat' bots to try and hunt down and kick cheaters, but Valve's progress on solving the problem is slow, to say the least, and possibly a lost cause at this point.

Despite its almost unplayable nature at times, Team Fortress 2 remains hugely popular, at least according to the Steam player numbers, although ironically those numbers may actually be inflated by the number of bots running around in the game.

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1 year ago by GuyNamedErick

Valve needs to do a major serious update to Team Fortress 2 if they want this bot mess to end. Like seriously, something like porting the game to Source 2 or a major VAC update would be very much welcomed right now.