Teen faces $500,000 fine over alleged Destiny 2 cheating and harassment

By FileTrekker 23 days ago, last updated 23 days ago

If you cross onto the wrong side of Bungie,  the consequences can be quite serious, as one teenager is finding out to their cost as they face a $500,000 and a permanent ban from ever playing a Bungie title ever again.

It stems from a lawsuit that was filed over a year ago by Bungie against the player, who they accuse of cheating within the game, in addition to harassing the studio's employees. Legal documents discovered by TorrentFreak show that the lawyers representing the teenager have agreed to settle with Bungie in the case, which alleges that he used cheat software in Destiny 2 "at least 100" times, with each offence worth a fine of $2,000.

There's also a $300,000 copyright infringement fine to stack up on top of that, leading to a total fine of $500,000. In return, Bungie has agreed to withdraw any other allegations against the player, although the settlement means that they won't be permitted to knowingly travel within 1,000 feet of Bungie's offices or the homes of any of its employees.

The player is also banned from obtaining, downloading, copying,  playing, streaming, or interacting with Bungie's games in any way in the future. That's one expensive permaban.

The judge in the case has yet to sign off on the settlement, however, so it's possible that some of these agreements may be subject to change before the case is closed, although, on the surface, it seems like another victory to chalk up for Bungie against the cheaters.


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