Texturelicious - Dark Souls III Tool Lets You Replace Textures

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Published by Serio 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Dark Souls III modder S17L has released a tool allowing you to dump and replace textures from the game, thus changing the appearances of items and environments for better (or worse). 

The tool, called iGP11, is a project in development and its creator hopes to allow users to apply custom pixel and vertex shaders in the future without affecting the UI as a whole. 

So, when modders are given a new tool, what is the first thing they do? Why, see how far they can push it! YouTube channel "Limit Breakers" decided to demonstrate their name and give the game a bit of a visual overhaul in two of their recent videos;

Though the tool is a bit limited at the current time, I can see this being a very important aspect for modders to take advantage of in the future.

You can grab the iGP11 tool HERE.

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