The 3rd Birthday Shower Scene

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Posted on March 29, 2011, GameFront Staff The 3rd Birthday Shower Scene

3rd Birthday protagonist Aya Brea is something of a sex symbol. The developers at Square Enix are well aware of this fact, as is the gaming public. You can check out a huge number of Aya Brea cosplayers in our most recent gallery, but if you’re really a fan, you’ll want to grab that PSP and start playing immediately.

Why the rush? We’ll explain. Beating The 3rd Birthday once unlocks the “Video Log,” which enables you go back and watch all of the game‘s full motion video cutscenes. Now, if you clear the game 50 more times, you’ll be treated to a special Easter Egg scene: Aya Brea taking a shower! Titillating, to be sure. If you watch the scene ten times, you can switch to a second camera angle — the back view. What’re you waiting for? The game came out today. You could be on your third playthrough by tomorrow!

EDIT: There’s also another way to see the shower video in the game that requires considerably less effort. Each of episodes 1 through 4 contains an unstated objective that, if you accomplish it, will allow you to make Aya go take a shower before the next mission. You’ll have to treasure these objectives in your heart, though, because you can only watch it once per objective accomplished. Here are the objectives, as far as I can remember (with some help):

Ep. 1 – Kill all the Slacker Twisted

Ep. 2 – Kill all the Spitter Twisted. They’re the ones that spit and/or squirt poison gas everywhere.

Ep. 3 – Collect all the items.

Ep. 4 – Don’t let any friendly helicopters get shot down.

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