The Binding of Issac's latest mod pack, new project coming

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Published by FileTrekker 1 year ago , last updated 10 months ago

The second mod pack for The Binding of Issac has now dropped, with the latest collection of community made mods to be added onto the base game. Additionally, Edmund McMillen has discussed a new secret project.

In a recent blog post, the game's creator, Edmund McMillen, listed some of the new mods that have been added to the game, the full list of which you can read here.  It includes new items such as a moving box, a telepathy mod that lets you grab items that are out of reach and fire them at enemies, the ability to stack bombs, and a rather nice dressing table mod, that lets you dress the character.

In addition to this update, the author explained that he and fellow developer Tyler Glaiel were working hard finishing a secret project. While no details were announced, he did say that the announcement date and release date are coming very soon, but he did have the following to say;

Its hard, its weird, its personal, its has amazing controls, its a totally new unannounced IP and its easily one of the largest games ive [sic] ever made level wise.

The full list of mods included is below;

Moving Box - by Tim l'enchanteur

Telepathy - by Eufuu 

Tech 0 - by  Ashkait &  Scayze

Jumper Cables - by  Ashkait &  Scayze

Coupon - by Plumbo

Leprosy - Inspired by Extreme Ninja Home Makeover

Bomb Stacking - by S-body

Visible Jar of Flies - by Stewartisme

Dressing Table - by Sinsthar

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