The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Walkthrough

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Posted on March 30, 2011, GameFront Staff The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile Walkthrough

Featuring an inimitable art style that looks sort of like a gothic, depressing take on Shank!, The Dishwasher series comes from extremely humble roots. Designed by an actual dishwasher who won Microsoft’s Dream-Build-Play competion with his original title, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai, Vampire Smile will lead players through a vast array of idiosyncratic levels, confronting them with murderous adversaries at every time.

This time around, players will get to choose whether they want to control the titular Dishwasher or his estranged sister, Yuki. Using a strong attack, a light attack, a grapple move, and an arsenal of inventive weapons, they’ll then have to keep their chosen protagonist alive. To aid them in this quest, we’re preparing a detailed walkthrough. Check back on release day for the first installments! We’ve also got a page listing the games achievements.

Table of Contents


  1. Welcome to the Dishwasher. For now, just run forward – in this case, that’s right. You’ll hit a short tutorial. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the controls. Remember this; grab and evade are your friends.
  2. Continue until you reach your first fight. Don’t worry, you’re invincible here. Just lay into the boss with regular attacks. Evade towards the boss and grab when you’re prompted to for some extra damage.
  3. One thing to note, this boss is just training, but it shares one major similarity with every boss and all very large enemies; they cannot be grabbed until stunned. Stun bosses by racking up combos, and eventually you’ll be prompted to grab for a special damage dealing move.
  4. With the boss defeated, it’s time to get into the meat of this bloody game.

Iffenhaus Space Prison

  1. Alone in a prison cell, just walk towards the white pointer and press up. You’ll enter into a flashback; begin crawling while following the bloody pointers. If you’re ever confused in these flashbacks, just look for the pointers in the background.
  2. The prisoner will climb into a wheelchair. Just keep making your way right until you wake up. Now free of your cell, move right into the next room.
  3. A door will shut behind you. You’ll face off against a baton guard and a pistol guard. The baton guards can block your attacks and will enter a lunge attack to strike at you from range. Your move set is limited at this point, so you’ll have to rely on simple attacks and your evade. Use the evade to dodge enemy attacks, and grab the baton guard whenever he blocks. The pistol guard will fire at you from range, but the pistol shot can also be dodged with a well-timed evade. The pistol guard tries to attack with a kick or pistol whip, but he’s the easiest enemy in the game for a reason.
  4. The grab will hike you and the enemy into the air, where they’re always vulnerable. Your regular strike will give you air-time, so go crazy whenever you grab an enemy. Grab, and then wait for your enemy to bounce off the floor. Grabbing will also give you a short duration of invincibility, enemy attacks will pass through you. Use this to your advantage. Grab early and grab often.
  5. In this battle or the next, you’ll notice that the enemies will begin to glow blue. The enemies are cyborgs, when they spark they’re vulnerable. Press any of the prompted attack buttons to instantly kill a sparking enemy.
  6. More guards will drop in. Take care of them and continue into the next room when the doors open.
    Instantly kill the guard beating a prisoner (Presumably?) and you’ll face more bad guys. Don’t let them surround you, and evade to attack the most vulnerable of them. Just ignore enemies that are winding up their attacks or jumping.
  7. Leave the room as the doors open and you’ll run into some walls. Just run straight up them, it’s easy when you’re a vampire. Follow the arrows through another open door. Continue down the empty hallway to reach a cutscene.
  8. Nice view, but there’s no time for that. Run back left into the empty hallway as a barred door blocks your path. Continue towards the barred door to enter another flashback, where you’ll want to walk left.
  9. Your evade is now a blood warp! The warp is especially useful, as it homes in on enemies and keeps you safer, longer. With the warp, you can stay in the air indefinitely with the right timing. Keep your thumb near the right stick, the warp is your best and only way to defend yourself.
  10. Continue left, and use your warp to get through the barred door. Inside the next room you’ll find a guard shooting a prisoner. Instantly kill them before the inevitable ambush follows.
  11. A new enemy will attack – these guys are the red ninjas. They’re faster than regular guards, and specialize in melee combat. They’re somewhat acrobatic and will block more often than guards, so be quick with your grab. When they jump backwards, look out, they’ll throw three knives in a wide pattern. Remember, you can juggle enemies by grabbing them, attacking and grabbing them again while they’re still in the air. This strategy is effective against 90% of the enemies you’ll face throughout the game.
  12. Leave the room and warp across the gap. Warp again through the barred door and one step closer to the exit.
  13. As the door closes behind you, you’ll face off against skull drones. Drones will show up in many forms, but for now they’re just simple floating robots that fire a burst of machinegun rounds at you. To easily defeat them, simply warp towards them and grab for an instant kill. Chain kills together by warping to another drone and grabbing, you can clear out entire rooms of drones in this manner. Drones can be annoying, so try to clear them out first.
  14. Climb up the left wall and turn right, following the arrows towards the escape pods. Take the stairs up and destroy any drones in your way. Continue into the next room for a real boss.
  15. Through the door, you’ll face the Gaoler (Another word for jailer, someone used their thesaurus.) and he’s not difficult if you know what to expect. His two major moves are a sword lunge and a downward leaping strike. Keep your distance and wait for him to launch an attack. Warp through it and attack him from behind while he waits. You can also preempt his attacks by simply attacking before he’s about to. He’ll block, but keep attacking and you’ll break his guard. Like every boss, he can only be grabbed when prompted, so keep an eye out for the “B” button onscreen while attacking.
  16. Every boss needs to be finished off by following the onscreen prompt, either a regular attack or a grab, grabs will always work. When the Gaoler’s dead, guards will attack. Deal with them and continue right.
  17. Up the stairs, you’ll fight more drones. Grab like it’s in-style and move forward, where you’ll face more basic guards. Nothing overwhelming yet, take care of them and move forward.
  18. Just outside the escape pod, you’ll face another boss. This is the Warden, and he shares some similarities with the Gaoler. He’ll slowly approach; this is when you want to keep your distance. If you try to attack him from the front, instead of blocking like the Gaoler, he’ll simply grab you. You don’t want to get grabbed. To avoid that fate, keep your distance and wait for the Warden to perform a downward strike with his punch blades. He’ll be stuck on the ground for a few seconds, that’s your moment to strike.
  19. Don’t get greedy, and be patient. When the Warden stands up, warp away before he lunges forward for a nasty throttle attack. Hit him hard twice and he’ll spark, giving you a chance to grab him.
  20. Stay away, and attack while he’s stuck on the floor. It may not be pretty, but it works.
  21. The Warden is dead, and you’ll enter another flashback. Walk right and press up near the medical chair.
  22. After the cutscene, you’ll get a choice between playing as the Prisoner or the Dishwasher. Their cutscenes and story differ, but the levels are largely the same. You will find different weapons on the way, though they serve the same purposes. I’ll go over the differences in story mode as the game continues. For now, pick whichever character you like best.
  23. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: They Totally Chopped My Arm Off: Unlocks for escaping from Iffenhaus Space Prison.

Lunar Wastes

  1. Leave the bloody room, and run or warp upwards. Follow the path right, where you’ll find a Halper Bot. Look over his selection of goods, but you won’t have enough money to actually buy anything yet. Resume your path into the next area.
  2. Now you have access to a heavy attack, it can be charged, and when combined with your regular attack can destroy enemies. Look up your Moves List in the start menu to see what you can do.
  3. Enemies will attack as the gate closes. Kill the drones before facing another new enemy, the soldiers. At melee range, soldiers will block with their rifles, and attack with knives or the butts of their guns. They’re only dangerous in the air, they’ll fire a grappling hook and hang from the ceiling, firing their machineguns at you while dropping grenades below. Their grenade attack is their most dangerous ability, so don’t stand beneath soldiers while they’re hanging.
  4. Continue to the next area, you’ll run into a pit. Ignore it for now and instead jump over it and enter the next area over. Inside you’ll find a speaker connected to an instrument, either a guitar or a violin depending on your character. Press “B” near it to enter a rhythm minigame. This is purely optional; doing well will net you some cash and a Cross Bead.
  5. Beads are special items in your inventory, you can equip four at any time, and they generally improve your skills. Keep an eye out for speakers, presents, and secret areas to net more beads.
  6. Backtrack left and jump down the pit. Warp through the barred door and continue down. Press down while standing on the pipe to fall. Follow the pointer left into a large room, but it’s empty for now. Continue left into a smaller room where you’ll be ambushed by drones, guards, and soldiers. You have limited room, so try to stay airborne to stay out of range of those soldiers’ grenades.
  7. After the ambush is defeated, you’ll be rewarded with a present. Cut it open to get a new weapon. Equip it to one of your load outs, you’ll need it for later.
  8. Leave the room, and you’ll be attacked by zombies. Zombies are slow, and like drones they can be instantly killed with a grab. Where’s the fun in that, though? Try out your new heavy weapon to wreck entire groups of zombies. Soldier zombies will be mixed in with the regular kind, they’re a little faster and use a knife. Soldier zombies will hold up grenades are charge, killing themselves in a dangerous explosion, so keep an eye out.
  9. Head back up and follow the pointer right into a narrow passage where more zombies will attack. Beyond that, you’ll enter a larger room filled with soldiers and drones. When they’re finished, continue right into another area. A pointer will direct you down, go ahead and follow it. You’ll run into a blue force field. Take out your new heavy weapon and charge it to smash the generator.
  10. Jump down the pit and enter the door to your right. You’ll fall into a giant mess of bones. Here comes the level boss, Goreface!
  11. Goreface will vomit zombies at you, so frontal attacks are not advised. He’ll also leap across the room, slamming the ground and causing rocks to fall from the sky. Avoid the falling rocks, and warp through Goreface to attack his unprotected back.
  12. Zombies will continuously spawn from the ground, but they can be safely ignored. The zombies are useful fodder if you’re in need of health, just keep instantly killing them until they drop hearts. Look out for the exploding soldier zombies. The distinctive purple glow of their grenades is your only warning.
  13. Grab him when he sparks for some extra damage. Unlike most video game bosses, simply touching Goreface won’t hurt you, so feel free to stay near him, preferably the back of his head.
  14. The fight gets pretty chaotic, the tricky part to finishing Goreface is finding a moment to grab him without being overwhelmed. Wait for some free space before finishing Goreface off and finishing the level.

Omodo Crash

  1. Destroy the present to receive a keycard, and then leave out the door in the top left corner of the chamber. You’ll run into another Halper Bot. Pick up a cheap health upgrade or power-up your favorite weapons here. You’ll always get a chance to restart difficult fights, so health items aren’t quite as useful as upgrades.
  2. Run up and take the left door. Inside you’ll be ambushed by agents. Agents can be tricky, they’ll teleport around you, strike you with their pistol, and fire it at range. Still, a grab followed by a combo will do the trick.
  3. Head upward and leave through the right door. Warp up the shaft to reach a door guarded by a security camera. The keycard will open the door automatically; head inside to face more agents, accompanied by drones. Exit out of the door in the top right corner.
  4. Down the hall, you’ll be ambushed by yet another new enemy. Cyborgs fights like red ninjas, they’ll lunge forward with their large blades and leap into the air for a downward strike. The big difference is that cyborgs are slower and hit harder. Despite their size, grabbing them works a charm.
  5. With the cyborgs defeated, you’ll get your hands on a gun. Either an SMG or a Minigun, depending on the character. They function the exact same way. While not entirely useful, the guns are good for building up a combo multiplier.
  6. Drones and soldier zombies will attack. Get in some gun practice, these enemies are helpless against your automatic fire. Leave the hallway when you’re done and head up the shaft. At the top, use the door to enter the bank proper.
  7. Inside the large bank chamber, a present will drop down. You’ll receive lightning magic. Lightning magic is useful for screen clearing, but take note; to use magic, you’ll need a skull, and you’ll need to be standing still on the ground. Magic is very useful, so try to keep a skull handy for when you’re in a jam. For the following enemy ambush, you’ll be given free skulls for every kill, so don’t hold back. Keep using lightning magic to clear the room.
  8. With that room cleared, continue left and up the next shaft. Use the door to your right to enter into another hallway, where you’ll be attacked by soldier zombies. Notice the countdown, this is a challenge, you’ll be rewarded for finishing the encounter before time runs out. This one should be simple, just grab and combo the zombies into submission to net a prize.
  9. Halfway up the following shaft you’ll find a door. Ignore it and continue up, reaching a door near the top. Enter it for a prize. Leave and return to the door near the halfway point of the shaft. Inside you’ll be ambushed by drones.
  10. When the drones are defeated, continue left into a narrow passage. You’ll run right into the Cretin. This guy can be tricky at first, until you know his pattern. He has two attacks, a forward punch combo, and a ground stomp.
  11. He telegraphs both moves, when he’s about to charge forward he’ll rear back and his arm will twitch. When he ground stomps, he’ll raise his legs forward. To defeat the Cretin, wait in front of him to see what attack he’ll use. If he uses his forward combo charge, warp through him. If he raises his front legs, that’s when you attack. If you’re directly in front of the Cretin, his legs will simply pass over you. Keep attacking him while he’s vulnerable.
  12. The boss also deploys some guards. You might need to take care of some of them, just grab and combo to safely finish them off before focusing on the Cretin. Remember, you’ve always got lightning magic if you’re in a pinch and want to clear out the lower tier enemies.
  13. Attack him during his leg stomp, grab him when he sparks, and finish the Cretin off.

Omodo’s Execution

  1. Leave the hallway to find a Halper Bot. Run up the shaft and exit right.
  2. Inside the next large chamber, you’ll be assaulted by a large group of enemies. Guards, soldiers, and cyborgs will all join in, as well as a new enemy; the green ninja. Green ninjas are combination soldiers and ninjas, they’re fast, acrobatic, and strong melee fighters that can block your attacks and fire with an SMG. They don’t have anything as lethal as the soldiers’ grenade, so fight the green ninjas the same way you’d fight other ninjas.
  3. Defeat this ambush for another new weapon. Test it out and ext right. You’ll be face with a blue force field generator. Smash it with your heavy weapon, it opens a shortcut for backtracking later. For now, head up and exit right.
  4. You’ll face another ambush consisting of guards, soldiers, and drones. Finish under a minute to receive a prize. Now that you have magic, don’t forget to use it if you’re running low on time.
  5. Exit the room, and follow the pathway up and left. Inside the shaft you’ll find another speaker to initiate a rhythm game. Enter the top right door for a prize, or just follow the pointers left.
  6. Inside the open area, follow the pointers into an enclosed room in the center. Fight the guards, ninjas, soldiers, and cyborgs to get your hands on a keycard.
  7. With the keycard, exit left and warp up the shaft. Enter the right door and approach the security door. The keycard will automatically open the door.
  8. Inside the boardroom you’ll face off against the UberTank50XX. The walking tank will start by firing a salvo of missiles forward. Stay high and off the ground to avoid the missiles. Periodically, the tank will open up and fire tracking missiles; these can be a pain, but just keep warping to avoid them. Otherwise, the tank will stomp on you if you attack from the ground and jump across the room.
  9. The best strategy to fight the tank is to simply warp behind it and keeping attacking the back of its head. The combination of stomp and missiles makes attacking the tank from the front a dangerous prospect, so stay where it’s safe.
  10. Soldiers will begin to spawn, but if you keep high and moving they won’t be much of a threat.
  11. When you’ve got a chance, finish it off with a grab.
  12. Continue forward. If you’re the Dishwasher, you’ll find Omodo’s dead body. If you’re the Prisoner, you’ll get a chance to kill Omodo or watch his suicide.

The Pit

  1. Exit left and jump down. Follow the path down, until you drop onto a landing. Walk through the door and hop into the larger room. You’ll be locked inside with another ambush.
  2. Prepare for a new enemy, the robotic cyborgs. They fight just like the previous cyborgs, not counting two exceptions. First, they’re tougher, and second, they spawn drones. The drones they spawn fire homing missiles, which are a real distraction during large fights. Take out the drones quickly and focus on the robotic cyborgs.
  3. After the cyborgs are defeated, open the present for a new magic. Exit right and leave the area by following the arrows downward. Back on the lunar surface, exit right. At this point, you can also return to the Goreface boss arena for another rhythm minigame – turn left for that.
  4. Past the closing gate you’ll run into another ambush of agents, ninjas, and drones. Finish under a minute for a healing item. Exit right.
  5. Enter the rover. Here’s you’ll face several small ambushes in a row. Kill all the agents and cyborgs, and then be on your way.
  6. Drop into the cavern, following the arrows right. Inside the sloping chamber, you’ll be attacked by another new enemy – the blue ninjas.
  7. Blue ninjas are melee experts carrying two katanas. They fight like other ninjas, with a downward strike and a forward lunge, only their attacks cover a wider ranger. The blue ninjas also teleport, usually directly above you to follow up with a downward strike. The blue ninjas can be tricky, in the air they’ll perform a spinning blade attack that’ll hurt if you’re anywhere near them. Fight blue ninjas on the ground, try to grab them, and go all out.
  8. Take out the ninjas, and continue right. You’ll be going deeper into the spooky caverns. Eventually you’ll reach a large arena. Large arenas are always dead giveaways for boss fights, it doesn’t matter what game you’re playing.
  9. Jump down to face the Lich. While he’s standing still, attack him from behind to escape the spikes he summons out of the ground. When he teleports, he’ll always teleport above you and throw three scythes. Warp directly over his head to safely escape the scythes.
  10. After a round of this, he’ll create an illusion of a regular graveyard populated by twitchy zombies. Clear out the zombies until you return to reality, the Lich will be vulnerable for several seconds.
  11. When you’ve hit him enough, use the grab for some extra damage. When his health is low, finish him off with an attack or grab.

Sunken Armory

  1. Exit right, continuing on ground level through the next room until you reach a pit. Jump down to find a security door, a Halper Bot, and a barred gate. Warp through the gate, jump over the gap and enter the next area to the right.
  2. Inside the bunker, you’ll face soldier zombies. Keep them juggled and watch out for explosions. Continue right for even more soldier zombies.
  3. Past the zombies, you’ll enter a large vertical chamber and fight a huge ambush. Agents, cyborgs, and robotic cyborgs will continue to spawn in and harass you. Keep magic handy if you’re in trouble here. For your efforts you’ll get a special weapon. The weapon you get here, either the syringe for the Prisoner or the dekkentozter for the Dishwasher, are fairly unique. Give them both a try for some surprising results. Now exit bottom left.
  4. Inside the large armory, a new enemy introduces himself. This is the flamethrower cyborg, and he’s a pain. While not much of a melee fighter, the flamethrower cyborgs keep their distance with long jumps and attack with a huge stream of flame. They’ll shoot flame across the floor or down from above. Either way it’ll knock you down. The flames only hurt you so long as you’re caught in the flame, so warp out of the way. Take on flamethrower cyborgs from behind, and make them a priority.
  5. After the flamethrowers cyborgs are dealt with, you’ll be challenged to finish the following ambush under a time limit. Agents, cyborgs, and soldiers will attack, so stay on your toes and use magic if you’ve got it.
  6. Continue left to find the Chef. After a cutscene, you’ll fight guards, agents, soldiers, and red ninjas. The Chef will help you, making the fight somewhat chaotic, but manageable. Defeat them all to get your hands on the vault keycard.
  7. Exit left, warp up, and exit left again. Warp through the barred gate and approach the security door to unlock it. Continue right through one room and into the next.
  8. Next up is the Skeletank. Think of him as a huge flamethrower cyborg. He’ll fire homing rockets at you, spray a huge stream of flame forward, and charge. During his charge, touch him anywhere and you’ll take damage. Don’t fight him head on, instead warp up and over his head and attack his giant skull from behind where he’s vulnerable.
  9. Skeletank will summon a new enemy type, the chainsaw drones. These drones are only a problem when they get close, and if they’re close you can instantly kill them with a grab.
  10. Attack from behind, hit him with grab when he’s stunned, and finish him off.

Hell Chambers

  1. Destroy the present for the tower key. Exit left to talk to the Halper Bot and continue on your way up. Exit right to return to the Lich arena for an enemy ambush. Zombies, chainsaw drones, cyborgs, and green ninjas will gang up on you. Move quickly, kill the zombies and drones first, and you’ll be good to go.
  2. Exit right; you’ll enter a room with two paths. Ignore the lower path; instead head up towards a security door. Walk into the security door to use your tower key.
  3. Through the security door, you’ll be attacked by new enemies. Chainsaw cyborgs are pumpkin headed freaks that attack with chainsaws, as the name implies. They’re faster than other cyborgs, with similar attack patterns – only sped up. They hit harder than any enemy you’ve faced yet, so watch out for those chainsaw blades.
  4. Defeat the cyborgs for a present containing new magic. Try out the magic on the spawning drones and zombies, then exit left.
  5. Inside the vertical mineshaft, you’ll face a large group of blue ninjas and agents. All these teleporting enemies can be frustrating, so let them come to you. Watch out for the blue ninjas’ midair blade spin. Keep magic handy to take care of this group.
  6. Exit up and to the right. Inside you’ll get to fight your old friend the Warden again. He’s got zombie soldiers and robotic cyborgs backing him up. Same strategy applies, don’t let the Warden grab you when he lunges forward, and wait for his downward thrust. While he’s stuck on the ground, attack.
  7. Exit right. In the next room you’ll face the Nightmare as the Dishwasher. Attack your sister, she has a slow melee attack that can be interrupted and a Minigun spray. Attack until you’re prompted to grab. After some of this, you’ll face both the Nightmare and the Creeper.
  8. The Creeper is the real boss. This is purely a ground fight, stay on the ground to avoid Nightmare’s Minigun spray and the Creeper’s hook grab. Besides the hook he uses to snatch you out of the sky if you attack him from above, the Creeper also uses a double barrel shotgun, a circular saw, and a midair hook combo. Wait for the Creeper to prepare an attack before warping behind him and striking. If he’s in the air, wait for him to crash down. To get Nightmare off your back, attack her and grab when prompted to put her out of the fight for thirty seconds.
  9. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: The Disease is Dead: Unlocked for killing Yuki’s demon. Only unlocks during the Prisoner’s story.

Grim Tower

  1. Exit the arena to find another Halper Bot. Continue right into another room where you’ll fight a group of zombies and red ninjas. After the fight, you’ll be rewarded with a shotgun. Use your new toy to take out more zombies and chainsaw drones.
  2. Follow the right wall up and into another room. Continue left, and up, then right again. You’ll find another rhythm minigame nearby. Play it or skip it, then push forward.
  3. Continue left until you’re stopped by a duo of flamethrower cyborgs. Fight them to initiate a timer, where you’ll fight more zombies and zombie soldiers. When you’re done, continue left.
  4. Inside the shaft, drop down and exit left past a security door. Through another doorway you’ll enter a large room. Agents, soldiers, red ninjas, green ninjas, and cyborgs will try to kill you. Kill them instead to get your hands on another keycard. Then backtrack to the security door to your right.
  5. Through the security door you’ll find yet another keycard. Of course, the door will lock behind you and you’ll be attacked by blue ninjas. Once the blue ninjas are defeated, a new enemy makes his introduction.
  6. The Samurai is fairly difficult, you’ll need to time your warp right as the samurai swings his blade as it covers a very wide area. After the samurai jumps, he’ll crash on the ground and launch homing missiles. Attack him from behind after he lands and don’t attack him too long before he tries to swing his blade around. Hit him with grapples when you’re prompted, after two or three, you’ll get a chance to finish him off.
  7. Exit left back into the shaft. Warp up towards the security door at the top of the shaft you your left. Through the door, follow the pointers up.
  8. Up top you’ll encounter more chainsaw cyborgs with soldiers and agents. These chainsaw cyborgs are a pain, but grabbing them can work wonders. Hop down off the blank on the right side of the room to continue.
  9. Falling, you’ll land inside an arena. Time to kill the Murderfly, and while it seems like a good idea to chase him in the air, your best bet is to stay on the ground while fighting this boss. The Murderfly has only two attacks; he’ll lunge across the sky with his machete, or slam the ground from the sky. If you stay on the ground, his sky lunge will always miss. Just warp out of the way of his ground slam and attack while he’s stuck.
  10. Zombies will continuously spawn into the arena. Zombies can be annoying, but aren’t much of a threat. Once the Murderfly is at half health, a green ninja will spawn with them. Keep an eye open while attacking the Murderfly to make sure they won’t get in your way or interrupt your combo. If you need help, spend some time killing the respawning enemies.
  11. Once Murderfly’s health is down, finish him off and exit right. Continue through the sloped chambers and into the general’s office. You’ll find him already dead as the Dishwasher, as the Prisoner you’ll need to kill him before he shoots you with his shotgun.

Landcruiser Stadium

  1. Exit the general’s office to find a Halper Bot waiting outside. Jump down and keep falling until you reach the lunar surface. Straight ahead you’ll find the Landcruiser. Climb aboard.
  2. Inside you’ll be attacked by missile drones and flamethrower cyborgs. The missile drones are numerous and annoying, so go ahead and try to destroy them all before taking on the flamethrower cyborgs. When they’re all finished you’ll get your hands on some very useful magic.
  3. Destroy the present for healing magic. The more enemies you’re fighting, the more you’ll be healed. This magic is very useful in later stages when you fight marathons of enemies at once. If you’re low on health, try the magic on the next ambush of soldier zombies and guards. Otherwise, just take care of them the normal way and exit right.
  4. In the next room over you’ll face a tougher ambush, this time consisting of a samurai and red ninjas. There will always be four ninjas on screen until you’ve depleted them, so try to keep all four from surrounding you. Strike at the mob with regular attacks and if they’re guarding, charge up a quick heavy strike to hit all of them at once. If you’re overwhelmed, focus on the samurai and time your warps carefully. Position yourself behind him and just attack until he sparks.
  5. With that group down, continue right. Warp upwards past the stairs to find an open passage off the ceiling. Continue down the hall, skipping the drop and into the next room. When you find a shaft leading up, follow it to enter the control room.
  6. In the control room, you’ll immediately be ambushed by guards and green ninjas. Following them are red ninjas. Take them out and don’t forget you’ve got healing magic if you’re low on health. When they’re defeated, you’ll be rewarded with a present containing the stadium keycard.
  7. With the keycard, hop down and backtrack left. In the next room over you’ll find a cover drop, jump down to find the security door. Approach the security door to use your keycard automatically.
  8. Enter the hockey rink; keep running until you’re stopped by our resident boss – the Goalie.
  9. The Goalie is tough, he will ice skate across the rink, periodically swiping at you with his hockey stick if you’re close, or ramming forward in a charge attack. His most dangerous move is his slap shot; he’ll line up a row of grenades and hit them forward in what can be a devastating move if you’re caught in a corner.
  10. The Goalie also spawns missile drones, adding even more explosions to this battle. The safest way to fight the Goalie is be hovering in the air using warp and instantly destroying the drones with a grab right on top of him. The grab catches the drones and drops them to the ground in an explosion, an explosion that does damage to the Goalie. If you want to be safe, this is the slow way. Otherwise, stay near the Goalie and pound on his back while he isn’t looking, watching out for missile drones.

Forstadt Lobby

  1. Exit the arena right and continue through two rooms before you’ll find the exit to the stadium. Take the stairs down for a Halper Bot. Continue past to the following sloped room. Enter the door marked with a large “Forstadt towers” sign.
  2. Enter the lobby. The lights will turn red and after a few seconds you’ll be ambushed by Creeper clones. These guys are just a touch easier than the Creeper boss; they have less health, but all the same moves. And you’ll be fighting two or more at once. Keep at them, strike from behind while they’re slowing readying their weapons, and don’t let them surround you.
  3. Just like a normal boss, these clones can’t be grabbed until they spark. When they do spark, grab them for an instant kill. Then continue into the next room.
  4. In the next room, you’ll be ambushed by two samurai at once. And you’re on a time limit for a prize. In a much larger room, the samurai are easier to dodge. Just attack them from behind to get them sparking, and grab. Two or so grabs and they’re finished. When they’re done, continue right.
  5. Cross the next lobby until you reach an elevator. Hop on and you’re heading up. Like all side-scrolling brawlers, you’ll be attacked by every previous enemy in the game while you ride to the top of the tower.
  6. First you’ll be up against blue ninjas. As agents, cyborgs, and green ninjas attack, you’ll find a new creature – a cyborg dragon. This thing will burst through the right window and attack with a stream of electricity breath. To drive the dragon off, attack its head between attacks.
  7. Drive off the dragon and clean up the enemies. Some zombie guards will drop down, followed by ninjas and guards. The dragon will return for another round, he should be your main focus, just strike his head and warp above his electric breath.
  8. Take care of the guards and ninjas. When they’re dead, two flamethrower cyborgs will attack to ruin your day. Kill one and red ninjas will drop in to help. With both dead, green ninjas and regular cyborgs will begin fighting too. At this point, if you’re low on health, don’t get stingy with the healing magic.
  9. The dragon will return with the regular cyborgs. Drive off the dragon and fight the agents, cyborgs, ninjas, and whatever else tries to stop you.
  10. The elevator ride began with blue ninjas, and ends with blue ninjas. When they’re dead, you can get off. In the next lobby, follow the pointers into another room.
  11. You’ll get some trippy imagery as you approach the boss. The Invalid will turn off your TV (Not really.) and create an illusion of an 8-bit graveyard, complete with Nintendo-esque music. Zombies will attack from both sides, alternate directions to fight the group off.
  12. Clear enough zombies and you’ll enter into a text adventure scenario. Choose option (2), then choose option (1), choose option (1) again, and finish by continuing out of the text adventure.
  13. Next agents will attack you from all sides. Just like the zombie scenario, just alternate directions and destroy the agents as they close in on you. You can’t actually be killed here, so just try to kill as many as you can without taking a hit.
  14. Destroy the agents, and you’ll break free from the Invalid’s mind games.

Aqua Marina

  1. Exit the boss arena to find a Halper Bot, and then warp upwards to follow the pointers. Exit through the door in the top right corner. Run through the room and into another.
  2. In the second room you’ll be attacked by red and blue ninjas. Kill enough of them, and chainsaw cyborgs will join in. This is when the ambush gets ridiculous, so don’t be afraid to use magic and grab those chainsaw cyborgs to get them off your back.
  3. With the ambush defeated, find a door about midway up the left wall of the room. Inside you’ll face another ambush of agents, soldiers, ninjas, and flamethrower cyborgs. Kill them for a present – the marina keycard.
  4. Exit back into the previous room. Inside, another new enemy will attack. These are whale tanks, basically unarmored versions of the Ubertank 50XX boss. They fight exactly like the Ubertank, with homing missiles, dumb missiles, a long jump, and a forward stomp. They can be annoying, it’s safer to try to attack their legs where their dumb missiles can’t touch you and simply warp through their forward stomp. Take out four of them and continue right.
  5. In the next room, green ninjas and whale tanks will attack. You’re given another time limit, so kill them fast if you want a prize. Focus on the whale tanks first and grab them as they spark, try combining heavy strikes into your normal combos to harass any approaching ninjas.
  6. Exit right to find a security door. Approach it to use your keycard. Follow the shaft up and exit top left.
  7. Another new enemy will attack in the next room. These are invisible ninjas. They aren’t as difficult as they seem, they’re just invisible red ninjas. Warp around and you’ll home in on them, and then grab them to safely attack. Use wide attacks to stun multiple ninjas or just keep your distance if you can’t tell what they’re doing. With your speed, the easiest way to deal with invisible ninjas is to put them on the defensive.
  8. After some of the invisible ninjas are dead, chainsaw cyborgs will attack. These guys are a pain, separate and conquer them one at a time. With that done, exit left.
  9. Run up the shaft and exit through the top right door. In the next room, you’ll find an odd corpse on the floor. Just walk past it and into the next room. Keep going and you’ll be blocked by a security door, so nowhere to go but backwards.
  10. Return to the odd corpse for a boss fight. This is Squidface, and he’s trouble. The first problem is his speed, he has one major attack and he uses it often. He’ll enter into a forward combo and finish with a jump and downward strike. He’ll also block your attacks and counterattack quickly.
  11. Squidface alone would be a problem, but the spawning whale tanks and ninjas are what really make him a pain. Focus on the whale tanks as they fall, attack their legs and throw in plenty of heavy strikes to fend off red ninjas or hurt Squidface. Because Squidface can’t be grabbed, you’ll need to rely on heavy attacks to break through his guard.
  12. This is where healing magic really comes in handy. Use it early and often to keep your health up, try to have at least two skulls of magic at this point. It can’t hurt to backtrack to the Halper Bot to purchase a magic upgrade.
  13. Finish off Squidface to complete the level.

Justice Summit

  1. Open the present for a keycard. Exit right to find a Halper Bot and the security door. You know what to do. Head up the vertical shaft where you’ll face some invisible ninja. Kill them and exit top left.
  2. In the next room, you’ll be double-teamed by two previous bosses – the Cretin and the Ubertank 50XX. Focus on the Ubertank, luckily the Cretin can’t cross over the Ubertank, so get behind the Ubertank and start attacking. Stay high to keep out of the Cretin’s reach. This can be tricky, so use healing magic if you’ve got it or use those healing items. The second part of this boss rush is easier.
  3. When the Ubertank 50XX is down, you’re free to fight the Cretin in leisure. Wait for him to ground stomp and warp through his forward charge. Remember his tells, he’ll shake his arm when he charges, and raises his legs for a stomp. Keep that in mind and finish this guy off.
  4. Next up are two Murderflies at once. Double the Murderflies, double the fun. Without all the helpers they had in the previous fight, they guys are actually a little easier – if you stay on the ground. Don’t try to fight these flying monsters in the air, just wait for them to get stuck on the ground and go wild.
  5. With that mess over, exit left. In the following shaft, you’ll find a time limit. Invisible ninjas will attack, you’ll need to fight a few on each ledge of the shaft, and keep an eye out if they fall down if you want to finish in time. When you’re done, exit top left.
  6. Here it is, the big enemy rush. You’ll face every difficult enemy here. First you’ll fight two chainsaw cyborgs, second is two samurai, third is two creeper clones, and fourth is two whale tanks. They’ll all fight with a series of ninjas, guards, and soldiers to make your life difficult. This fight is long, so keep healing magic handy to get you through the rough spots and don’t be afraid to use a healing item.
  7. When they’re all finally dead, continue left. Run up the shaft and exit top right. Inside the next room you’ll face off against the boss.
  8. The Scourge, our old dragon friend, bursts through the skylight and attacks. This isn’t a complicated boss, but he can be dangerous. Most often, the Scourge will fly from one side of the room to the other, spraying electricity down onto the floor, while sweeping it across as he turns. You’ll have to warp through it to dodge while attacking the Scourge, luckily he’s easy to hit.
  9. After he finishes strafing the floor, he’ll land and immediately fire homing missiles out of his torso. If you’re not expected them, they’ll always hit you while you’re attacking. If you’re far away from the Scourge, he’ll spray electricity forward while staying still, but if you’re anywhere near him he’ll simply fly up into the air again.
  10. Follow the Scourge, warping through his missiles and electricity while attacking midair. Keep it up until he begins to spark at about 25% health. When he’s at 0%, finish him off.
  11. Continue forward into the Judge’s office. After a cutscene, you’ll face the Fallen Engineer. If you’re the Dishwasher, you get the Prisoner’s help. As the Prisoner, you’re fighting him alone.
  12. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: See, I Have Made Them Better: Kill all three leaders, this achievement only unlocks in the Prisoner’s story.
  13. The Fallen Engineer is a very fast swordsman; his main attack is a forward combo ending with a midair downward thrust. You’ll have a second to attack him after his combo finishes, or simply attack him from behind while he’s slashing at air. He’ll teleport instantly, either appearing right next to you for a spin attack or above you for a downward thrust. Either way, keep your distance and warp after he teleports.
  14. Stay on your toes, the Fallen Engineer is fast but his health is low. Use hit and run tactics to work his health bar down to zero.
  15. When he sparks, finish him off to complete the level.

The Stagnant Nightmare

  1. Things are about to get weird. Head right, until you run into a new enemy.
  2. These are agent puppets. They’re not very mobile, and possess just one attack. Gore will pop out of their torsos, hang in the air a second, and then grab you. Warp around and attack them from behind, a good combo will destroy them in one hit. Also, be aware they can’t be grabbed, so don’t let them surround you.
  3. Exit right, climb the crates and continue forward. Outside you’ll face soldier puppets with agent puppets; they are identical so fight them the regular way. Just look out for their gore attacks. Defeat enough of them and the stage will grow dark.
  4. In the darkness, you’ll fight yet another new enemy. These are chalk figures, and while they look like ninjas at first, they’ll begin to spawn in as any of the humanoid enemies you’ve faced in the game. You’ll only be able to tell which enemy they are by their attacks and what weapons they carry. Even then, in all the chaos, it isn’t easy to tell.
  5. The chalk figures will swarm you; luckily you’ll be able to grab them for some extra invincibility frames. Keep grabbing and air juggling to stay off the ground. The chalk figures will die just like every other enemy. Make good use of magic here in a pinch.
  6. With the chalk figures down, the world will light up again. Continue right through the door. Inside you’ll fight a puppet version of the Fallen Engineer. He won’t fight back, just kill it.
  7. The real Fallen Engineer shows himself as a giant figure above you. He’s manipulating the puppets, with two hanging from each hand. Destroy the puppets until he runs out. Heavy strikes are especially powerful against the puppets.
  8. Once the puppets are all defeated, the Fallen Engineer will attack in a more manageable size. The Fallen Engineer in this form will stand in place and teleport into the ground to move. He has only two attacks; he’ll either fire a wave of electricity forward that covers the ground, or simply swipe you with his claws.
  9. To predict his attack, watch the hand he rears back. If it sparks, he’ll fire an electricity wave, if it doesn’t he’ll quickly swipe you. Either way, warp behind him and attack with quick strikes. He’ll teleport or attack soon, he’s fast and won’t let you hit him for too long.
  10. After enough hits, he’ll begin to spark. Grab him for some extra damage. When he’s at zero health, finish him off.
  11. The screen goes black. Now you’re fighting the Fallen Engineer’s final form, and he’s a killer. He has plenty of attacks to keep you on your toes. He’ll start with his electricity ball, look out for it when he raises his sword and begins to spark. The electricity ball is slow but large, either carefully time your warp through it or warp up and over to attack the Fallen Engineer.
  12. If the Fallen Engineer raises his sword without it sparking, that means he’s about to launch into a forward combo attack ending with a leap and downward strike. While he’s in this combo, stay out of his way.
  13. As he jumps he might or might not launch a volley of homing missiles, so stay away as he hands midair. While he’s in the air, he’ll either slam down for a normal strike, or begin to spark. If he sparks midair, his downward strike will produce a large electrical area effect over the ground surrounding him, so keep your distance before attacking.
  14. If the Fallen Engineer raises his sword of his head while on the ground, he’ll swing his sword forward. If it sparks during this animation, he’ll produce an electrical area of effect like his midair ground pound. As always, warp away and keep your distance until after he launches an attack. The area of effect doesn’t last long, so immediately warp behind the Fallen Engineer and attack.
  15. Just like your previous fight with the Fallen Engineer in the judge’s office, he’ll teleport around. Usually he’ll teleport directly above you, either striking down or striking down with an electric area of effect. Warp away, they immediately warp back at him to attack.
  16. The Fallen Engineer will always pause for a moment after an attack, that’s your best chance to hit him. If you’re brave, go ahead and attack him while he’s charging his electricity attacks to get in a hit and interrupt him. You’ll have to be quick to pull that off, just a little off and you’ll walk right into a face full of electricity.
  17. Eventually he’ll begin to spark normally, allowing you to grab him for some extra damage. Try to grab him when he sparks, he’ll be stunned for several seconds. That’s your best time to hit him with a longer combo.
  18. Keep at it, use healing items, and healing magic is still very useful here for an extra boost to keep you going. When he’s down to zero health, grab him to finish his reign of terror.
  19. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED: We’ll Purge and Purge: Beat the game on any difficulty as The Dishwasher. In The End I Am Free: Beat the game on any difficulty as Yuki (The Prisoner).

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