The Division 2 is free to play until Monday

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Published by FileTrekker 3 years ago , last updated 3 years ago

To celebrate the release of Episode 2, The Division 2 is free to play starting today all the way through to next Monday, October 21st on the Epic Game Store, and is available to download right now.

Episode 2 is already available for Season Pass holders, and will bring with it two brand new missions, Pentagon and DARPA Research Labs. The new update also b rings with it several new features and modes, including a brand new PvP mode called Team Elimination, where players must survive 7 rounds under permadeath rules, and a new map to go with it, known as The Warf.

There's also a new specalisation, The Technicial, who wields a huge rocket launcher that can fire six rockets at a time, and according to Ubssoft, "also wields a Maxim 9 as their sidearm and has access to the Artificer Hive Skill Variant and EMP Grenades"

There's also new weapons, loot, and cosmetics, as well as fixes in the update. There's even updates to the overall gameplay and interface, with new players now automatically getting an additional weapon slot, and changes to the intro missions to make them more manageable. 

The free weekend runs until October 21st.

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