The Division 2's new content wont arrive until late this year

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Last month, Ubisoft surprised fans of The Division 2 with the announcement that The Division 2 isn't quite done, with more content updates now promised for the game during the year. Update 12 was originally supposed to be last major update for the game, but thanks to continued popularity and community support, the team is now in the early stages of development of fresh content to be released later on in the year. 

Players may be waiting a little while though, with the company now confirming that the new update won't release until later in the year. According to a new update from Ubi, both Adrian Trasca and Yannick Banchereau will be remaining on the game, with support from Ubisoft Bucharest, with the update now slated for release at some time in "late 2021... at the earliest." 

We also now know that the update will feature a brand new game mode, and new ways to progress your agent with a new emphasis on "increasing build variety and viability." The game will be kept going throughout the year though with regular new events, re-running of seasons, and some minor title updates. 

The news of a new update came as a surprise to the community, who had assumed that Update 12, which released in December, was the end of the road in terms of major content updates. It was written as the end, too, with the fourth season focusing on the return of Faye Lau, who turns on The Division to join Black Tusk. It seemed like a neat way to wrap up the game, in any event.

The team are also promising a fix for a crashing issue with the game, and for missing fog and screen-space reflection on PS5. It's great to see the game is being brought back to life in any case, and is a welcome surprise. We'll be sure to report more on any news as we learn it.


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