The Elder Scrolls Online adding in-game currency for loot boxes

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

There's an interesting change coming to the next update for The Elder Scrolls Online, which will allow players to earn and spend in-game currency on items that are currently exclusively to loot boxes, known as crown crates, which require you to spend real-world money to unlock.

The update is expected to drop in June, and will add new daily and weekly challenges that will allow you to unlock a new currency known as Seals of Endeavor - you can exchange these for the items that previously were exclusive to crown crates. The new challenges are known as Endeavors, and there's over 60 of them to take part in, and range from stealing or pickpocketing specific items to completing a certain number of quests. Typical daily stuff.

You'll automatically be awarded any reward due to completing these challenges, without having to activate or read about them first, which is nice. There are some caps on the number of Endeavors you can do, though. One interesting tidbit though is that Seals of Endeavor will be tied to your account, and not character, so you can earn them through several different characters if you have them.

The change is apparently due to Microsoft's loot box policy, to which Bethesda is now subject. Microsoft has enforced a policy for some time now that all loot box items must also be earnable through standard gameplay, even if said gameplay is a little grindy.


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