The Five Mobile Games I've Installed and Never Deleted

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Published by Digz 3 years ago , last updated 1 year ago

Mobile games are coming thick and fast, with the announcement of Call of Duty mobile and a fairly open admission in Activision Blizzard’s last quarter company report they are looking to really delve into the mobile gaming market. They see it as a huge opportunity and so do other gaming companies. It will not replace the PC or console market but it adds another revenue stream for these companies by you spending a few pounds or dollars on a game then add a few micro-transactional top ups of a pound/dollar here or there.  Mobile gaming is accessible to virtually everyone in the world with cheaper smartphones that are rivalling the more traditional phones like the iPhone and Samsung's that aren’t always the cheapest. Not everyone has an amazing computer that can play the latest games, but now more often than not, the majority of the world has a smart phone of some description and that figure will continue to grow. 

The mass market is there for the taking and of course so are people looking for some decent mobile games to play when I’m not at my computer! So without blabbing on any further I want to present to you the five mobile games I have installed and never deleted, and all of these are free to play, I’ll make one honourable mention that is not free to play and that is Football Manager Handheld, I buy it every year and it is one of my staple games that I turn to. I haven’t included it below as some people don’t want to pay but it’s a brilliant game and has even stopped me from buying the PC version this year, firstly because I don’t have the time for the PC version and secondly because I quite like playing the mobile version now instead and can do so on the go. Another honourable mention is Hearthstone, it was one of the first games I installed on my phone and love the ability to login to my account and play with my decks that I’ve made on my PC. 

Number Five – Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh was massive when I was growing up, I collected the cards and played against friends, watched the TV episodes and secretly re-watch them on Netflix too! The game offers you the chance to play as multiple characters from the traditional universe and the GX series. Each character you pick has different bonus abilities to choose from and has their own deck which you can use, but of course you can buy packs and create your own decks. 

There are some excellent decks and the last deck I had was what is called a Sylvan deck, it is a cheesy way to play and can result sometimes in a single or two turn win! I also used the Gladiator Beast deck too - those of you familiar will know those two decks are two of the easiest and cheapest decks to build in the game when you start off. You battle NPCs and complete the quests to gain up levels and there is a story to go through as well, you can also participate in the tournaments and online multiplayer battles too. All in all, it’s a fantastic game that lets me relive my childhood and most importantly has a good competitive edge to it with the multiplayer.

Number Four – 8 Ball Pool

This game is a staple on most peoples phones. It does what it says on the tin, you play pool against other players and aim to win, you can play as a practice offline against yourself but where’s the fun in not destroying someone in game! You bet a certain amount of coins on yourself winning and you can unlock new cues by spending those hard won points that will give you an advantage over others in the coming games, but you need to keep winning as the cue resets costing you those coins. I don’t need to explain this game too much as it’s fairly self-explanatory and should be one of the games on your phone for sure!

Number Three – Pokemon Go

This was the game that took the world by storm, even people not interested in Pokemon downloaded this game and started playing. Essentially you carry your phone around, or a Pokemon go watch if you’re super into it, and catch Pokemon, visit landmarks that turn themselves into Pokestops or Gyms that you can conquer. Recently they have included raids whereby you can team up with anyone in the area to defeat a strong Pokemon, when you do you have a chance to catch that Pokemon. You also get eggs from Pokestops which you hatch by walking the number of km designated for that egg, essentially like how eggs are hatched in the Pokemon games - by steps. You essentially catch the first evolution of a Pokemon, on occasion you'll get the evolved version to catch, and you then get candies of that particular first evolution Pokemon upon catching it. You can transfer duplicate Pokemon you catch to the Professor to give you candies and once to reach a certain number you can evolve that Pokemon to its next stage. For example a Charmander will evolve into a Charmeleon when you have 25 Charmander candies, then you need a further 100 Charmander candies to evolve your Charmleon into a Charizard.

I’m currently level 25 with a whole host of decent Pokemon and on long walks or just taking the train it seems to open up and I have a great time catching and evolving Pokemon on my travels. It's not always easy though because you're never guaranteed to get certain Pokemon at certain places, for example I was by a lake and caught a few Dratini as I'm looking to get a Dragonite, went back there a week later and got nothing but Bidoof's! For Pokemon fans this game is of course a must, but be warned, it's highly addictive and if you do not put the time in, you won't get the rewards!

Number Two – Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans was one of the first games I downloaded when i got a half decent smartphone. It’s essentially a base builder game where you can then build various units and spells and attack other players trying to get their resources and trophies that take you higher in the games leagues. You can join clans and have clan wars to best other clans in battle gaining lucrative amounts of gold, elixir and dark elixir and there are numerous strategies to beating your opponents. The addition of the builder base is something new too where the game is played slightly differently with you being able to upgrade units and them gain different abilities, like the barbarian warriors being able to use rage after a certain level. This game is a precursor to Clash Royale that has the same units as Clash of Clans and some units developed in Clash Royale came into Clash of Clans. 

It’s a game that has provided my countless hours of fun and the game surprisingly is not pay to win, you can get fairly high up being free to play as opposed to many other city builders where you get stuck if you don’t invest a little. You just need to be a little patient and you’ll climb through the ranks pretty quickly with a bit of dedication. 

Number One – Clash Royale

One of my favourite games that I keep returning to is Clash Royale. I used to enjoy playing the game a lot when it first came out and love the 2v2 mode, it’s the only mode I play now to be honest as I love the mix-up in strategies you can get. In most RTS games that I played, whether competitively or not I used to love playing 2v2 instead of 1v1 and coming up with strategies to win together. With new units and constant balance changes the game does have metas but they are constantly changing, you always find new and interesting decks facing other players and the fanbase has declined slowly since release but with new units and events happening it does spike back up. The game however, is nowhere near dying, far from it, it is also represented quite well in the competitive scene too with many championships and pro players being followed all over the world, if I could only have one game on my phone, this would be it.

Those are my five mobile games that I have never deleted since installation and play a lot. The games have a lot of replayability and some give you the chance to change things up quite a bit in terms of strategy like the top two games and Yu-Gi-Oh. These mobile games have been some of the most downloaded games in the world and generate a serious amount of revenue for the developers, and is the reason why larger developers are getting in on the mobile scene too as it is just so accessible for everyone to play. If you haven’t tried these games I strongly suggest you give them a go, I’m sure you’ll get hooked on them just as I have!

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