The Forgotten City is a compelling time-loop murder mystery set in Rome

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

The Forgotten City was originally a very well known mod for Skyrim, and you may recall we reported some time ago that it became the first mod in history to win a Writers' Guild Award at Australia's AWGIE awards in 2016. It had its first release back in 2015, and the mod is a spectacular piece of work, with incredibly good writing, solidly put together environments, and a fantastic original soundtrack. For those who haven't played the mod, it's essentially a giant murder mystery evening set in an underground dungeon, complete with rather interesting puzzles, several possible endings and great character dialogue.

That mod has now become a fully-fledged game in its own right. The game, available now, has done away with the Skyrim lore in favour of a city in ancient Rome, where the entire population must die if just one citizen commits a sin. 

The good news is your character is stuck in a time loop, giving you the opportunity to uncover the sin and resolve the situation. Just what counts as a sin, though? You'll come across a number of player characters who are worrying about that very question, almost to the point of obsession. You'll encounter everything from NPCs secretly practising Christianity to slavery and everything in-between, and you'll soon line the definition of sin is a very grey area.

The game does parallel the Skyrim mod in a lot of ways but is totally rebuilt from scratch with new settings, lore, characters, and entirely new quests and plot twists when compared to the original, meaning even if you've played the mod, there's plenty fresh here to keep you occupied.

The best part is the game is on sale right now on Steam, so it's well worth picking up.


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