The Forgotten City Skyrim Mod becomes a Full Game

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Published by FileTrekker 4 years ago , last updated 4 years ago

The Forgotten City is a very well known mod for Skyrim, and you may recall we reported some time ago that it became the first mod in history to win a Writers' Guild Award at Australia's AWGIE awards in 2016. It had it's first release back in 2015, and the mod is a spectacular piece of work, with incredibly good writing, solidly put together environments, and a fantastic original soundtrack. For those who haven't played the mod, it's essentially a giant murder mystery evening set in an underground dungeon, complete with rather interesting puzzles, several possible endings and great character dialogue.

But now the mod is being transformed into it's own fully fledged game, and was revealed at E3 earlier this week. Naturally, as the transition from a mod to a stand-alone game takes place, the Elder Scrolls lore and setting has to be stripped away from the story, due to copyright concerns. Instead, the new game will take place in the Roman period, with fresh story elements focusing on the history of the Roman Empire, fresh new story elements, and new gameplay additions.

The team also confirmed that a new, orchestral soundtrack would be created to complement the change, and although the core story premise remains, expect some changes over the current Skyrim mod. Nick Pearce, the writer and creative directory of the game explained;

When designing The Forgotten City, I wanted to respect players’ intelligence and grant them autonomy in solving the mystery. Mind-bending time loops, fully realized NPCs with interwoven lives, and themes rarely touched by games set The Forgotten City apart from other narrative adventures.

So for fans of Skyrim, and the indie / modding scene in general, this is one development to watch, from a team who have already proven themselves as able to create some fantastic work. How will the mod fare the transition to fully fledged game? Only time will tell, but this one certainly has the chance to be something pretty special.

Keep an eye on the team's official website here, or follow the game on Steam here.

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