The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is back on the cards and rivals the 3090

By FileTrekker 2 years ago, last updated 2 years ago

Nvidia loves releasing brand new video cards that people simply can't buy, and a lot of the rumoured SKUs have been both on the table and then off again - Nvidia almost seems to be playing the situation by ear from week to week. 

One such card is the rumoured 3080 Ti, which was rumoured then apparently cancelled. Now it's allegedly back, and this time around we even have alleged specs, which place the card pretty close in performance to the flagship 3090 cards.

The leak comes from Big Hardware Player, a Chinese YouTuber, who alleges the card will feature 20GB of VRAM and will have the same 320-bit bus and 10,496 Cuda cores of the 3080, but will have 112 ROP and 328 texture unit counts, the same as the RTX 3090.

The card is also allegedly core clocked the same as the 3090, with a slightly slower memory clock at 1,188MHz.

The card will be branded either the 3080 Ti or 3080 Super, and there are even some benchmarks, apparently. None of this is official or confirmed, so take it with a pinch of salt, but if true, it's certainly interesting.

The real question is the price - where will these cards sit? Either way, there'll be some pretty upset early adopters of the 3080 or the 3090 if you ask me. Only time will tell - not that it matters, it's not like you'll ever be able to buy one anyway....


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