The Grand Tour's 'Eboladrome' comes to Assetto Corsa

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Published by FileTrekker 2 years ago , last updated 10 months ago

Naturally it didn't take long, but the wildly popular show The Grand Tour, currently on Amazon Prime, has had it's signature 'Eboladrome' racetrack re-created in Assetto Corsa, complete with the old lady's cottage, electricity substation and unexploded WW2 mine...

...well, maybe not that last one, technically speaking, but still, it's a pretty faithful re-creation of the eccentric race-track that the new show, fronted by former Top Gear hosts Jeremy Clarkson, James May and Richard Hammond, use to test cars against each other by attempting to set the fastest lap time.

For those who've never seen the show, the track is a rather bizarre set of twists and turns that is not only ludicrously tricky, but actually quite impressive in it's ultimate function, which is to test out all aspects of a supercars' performance. It's not the faint of heart, though, as there's very little room for error on this track, and mistakes could indeed cost you your life, as Jeremy Clarkson indicated in the first episode of the series.

As you can see in the comparison video above, the re-creation is accurate enough for the author to set a more-or-less identical time in the same car, which is pretty excellent, and will allow you to test your metal against the lap times set on the show as the series progresses.

The mod is receiving constant attention and updates, and while the current version as of the time of writing, 1.3, has some texture quality issues, the mod author promises that these will be addressed in an 'immediate fix', so keep an eye on the mod's official download page at Race Department for updates.

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