The Hong Kong Saga Affecting Blizzard

By Digz 5 years ago, last updated 5 years ago

Blizzard has been embroiled in a saga over the past few days by banning a Hearthstone player called blitzchung. Most recently one of their casters Nathan "ThatsAdmirable" Zamora has stepped down from his role over the saga. 

The hashtag #boycottblizzard has been spreading over Twitter with the surge of users showing screenshots cancelling their subscriptions to World of Warcraft and uninstalling all of Blizzard's games. It's a scandal that took place a few days ago where Blitzchung, a Hearthstone player was wearing a mask similar to those that are being worn in the current protests and shouting “Liberate Hong Kong. Revolution of our age!” 

It has also been reported that Blizzard employees have protested at the ban and have said that the organisation should stand for democracy and free speech and the right to protest. It appears however that Blizzard are not responding to those comments and these walkouts by employees, casters and the removing of subscriptions by their fans. We can only think of the nightmare it may cause Blizzard to openly support or at least refuse to condemn the actions taken by Blitzchung simply due to the sheer volume of business China generates for them. 

China has approximately 300 million players that Blizzard can tap into, they currently have access to the markets from the regulators and from a business perspective cannot allow anything to interrupt that, they are a business after all. It will be interesting to see how Blizzard responds to the crisis or even if at all, they're probably hoping the storm will pass fairly swiftly.


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