The Last of Us: Find All 5 Upgrade Toolboxes [Locations Guide]

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

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Find every tool upgrade in The Last of Us with Game Front’s toolbox locations guide. Once the hero of this post-apocalyptic third-person adventure finds a workbench, he can upgrade weapons for any number of improvements. But, some upgrades are blocked off until the player finds the next level of tools.

Each collectible toolbox will raise your “tools” level by one, for a total of five levels. Some are easy to spot, but missing even one will leave you at a disadvantage later in the game. Don’t miss out on any of the valuable weapon upgrades, find every upgrade toolbox in the list below.

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Toolbox Locations Guide

Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

  • Tools Level #1: Inside the cellar of the church where you’ll find the hidden armory and gain the proximity bomb. Look in the corner with the metal shelf.

Chapter 5: Pittsburgh

  • Tools Level #2: After defeating the first group of enemies in the chapter, Joel and Ellie will enter a garage by helping each other through the shutter. Right next to the Smoke Bomb, there’s another red toolbox.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

  • Tools Level #3: Getting into the sewers, you’ll need to help Ellie to a generator using a floating pallet. After starting the power and getting the platform moving. Continuing into the next hallway, look for a storage room on the left.

Chapter 8: The University

  • Tools Level #4: Entering the science building by moving the dumpster, you’ll land in a room adjacent to a lab with a workbench inside. The next laboratory leads out to finally meet Ellie. Continuing on, you’ll reach a long hallway. At the end of the hall is a locked door on the right. Crack it open with a shiv to find the toolbox on the work table.

Chapter 10: Bus Depot

  • Tools Level #5: Entering the triage outside the bus terminal, there’s a large white tent against the left wall where you’ll find supplements and supplies. Turn right just as you enter the tent to find the last toolbox.
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