The Last of Us: How to Find Every Optional Conversation

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Published by GameFront Staff 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

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Looking to immerse yourself in the world of The Last of Us while earning trophies? Look no further than these optional conversations. Found in most settlements, these easy-to-miss chats reveal the thoughts and feelings of the survivors in this desolate world. If it isn’t artistry you’re looking for, know that listening to every chat will unlock the “I Want to Talk About It” silver trophy.

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How to Find Every Optional Conversation

NOTE: Wait for a [Triangle] icon to appear and interact to listen to an optional conversation.

Chapter 2: Quarantine Zone

  • Conversation #1: Walking the streets of the QZ, Joel will find the checkpoint to the left, down the street as a Humvee arrives down the road. On the right, there are two civilians near newspaper dispensers. Approach them, and you’ll see an icon.

  • Conversation #2: Climbing out of the basement and into the abandoned dinner, Tess will be waiting outside. You can talk with her before moving on.

Chapter 3: The Outskirts

  • Conversation #3: With Ellie inside the apartment at night, Tess will look out the window and feature a [Triangle] icon.

  • Conversation #4: A conversation icon will appear over a dead soldier after escaping into the dead zone outside the QZ, inside a building’s hall.

  • Conversation #5: Fighting past the Runners near the end of the Museum, Tess and Ellie will wait near the exit windows. Speak with Tess here.

  • Conversation #6: Ellie will also talk. Track her down nearby and interact to listen to the last optional conversation of this chapter.

Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

  • Conversation #7: Entering Bill’s Town early on, there’s a diner with a blue awning with the windows covered in notices. There’a an arcade cabinet inside. Wait near it until Ellie approaches and a conversation icon appears over her head.

  • Conversation #8: Meeting at the bar, there’s a chess game on the booth to the left. Joel can examine it, get close and an icon will appear.

  • Conversation #9: Before reaching the school, you’ll pass through a backyard with a pool. Enter the house through the sliding doors. Go upstairs and enter the bedroom on the right. Wait for Ellie to walk inside and talk to her.

  • Conversation #10: Speak with Ellie as she’s sitting in the truck after escaping the school.

  • Conversation #11: In the same house, enter the room across the garage to find a note. Give the note to your partner leaning against the truck hood.

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

  • Conversation #12: After crashing in Pittsburgh and dealing with the first group of bandits, the two will get through a shutter door. You can speak with Ellie after she takes a few steps away from the door.

  • Conversation #13: Stepping out onto the streets, look for a white car past a crashed bus where a body is dumped out of the driver’s seat. Wait for Ellie to stand nearby.

  • Conversation #14: Before entering the abandoned checkpoint, there’s a message on the right reading “Stop feeding us LIES!” that Ellie will approach. Talk to her when she does.

  • Conversation #15: Later in the chapter, Ellie and Joel will hide behind a taxi on a road with a view of the bridge. Behind and to the left of the cab is an ad with a fashion model. Approach it and speak with Ellie.

  • Conversation #16: Inside the flooded hotel lobby, there’s a cafe on the left side. Approach it and Joel can comment on the coffee machine behind the counter.

  • Conversation #17: At the hotel, Joel and Ellie will encounter hunters. In this open area, look for a room with a missing ceiling. Climb the pile of cabinets and dressers to reach the third floor. Through the bathroom and hole in the wall you’ll find two dead bodies in a bathtub. Wait for Ellie to approach the scene and speak with her.

  • Conversation #18: Entering the large ballroom with the piano on stage, turn right at the door to see a photography set. Approach it and wait for Ellie to speak with her.

  • Conversation #19: Leaving the hotel and getting back onto the streets, look for a body hanging by a rope from a tree. Speak with Ellie when she gets close to look.

  • Conversation #20: Climbing up the fire escape then dropping down onto the road, there’s a fenced in school on the right. Stand near the sign, and speak with Ellie when she comes to take a look.

  • Conversation #21: Down the street and continuing forward, there’s a movie poster for “Dawn of the Wolf” on a brick wall on the left of the street. It’s straight across from the military school.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

  • Conversation #22: After leaving the sewers, Joel and the rest will enter an abandoned suburban neighborhood. Look on the house down the street where the road turns right and continues sloping downward. Walk close to the house to read the graffiti over the door, then talk to the little boy (Henry).

  • Conversation #23: Down the road, there’s an old Ice Cream Truck on the street. Talk with Ellie after she and Henry begin discussing it.

  • Conversation #24: In the white house past the one with the fenced front yard, there’s a room on the first floor with a dartboard. Interact with the dart on a stool to get the last optional conversation of this chapter.

Chapter 7: Tommy’s Dam

  • Conversation #25: After using both valves and getting Ellie across, look for the grassy area right next to the dam. Jump down, and hop over a fallen log to find a recently dug grave. There’s a teddy bear Joel can comment on there.

  • Conversation #26: Once you’re inside the Dam settlement, Ellie and Joel will find horses ahead. Wait for Ellie to start petting one of the horses, then you can speak with her.

  • Conversation #27: While being lead to the turbine room by your brother, look on the right side of the metal catwalks to find a woman patrolling, looking over the dam. Joel can speak with her.

Chapter 8: The University

  • Conversation #28: At the University, there’s a room with the first workbench of the chapter Joel can find while riding his horse. Instead of stopping, continue forward and look at the faded Longhorn painting on the left.

  • Conversation #29: In the statue plaza where a pack of monkeys ran away, ride through the tunnel and down the steps toward the dormitory building. Before reaching the entrance, there’s a Firefly symbol painted on the exterior wall.

  • Conversation #30: On the second floor of the Science Building, you’ll pass by the top of a tree before turning right into an elevator lobby. Joel can comment on the clipboard sitting on top of crated supplies on a pallet.

Chapter 9: Lakeside Resort

  • Conversation #31: Playing as Ellie, eventually you’ll be cornered in a room with a busted elevator that’s full of supplies. Before the Infected come, Ellie can talk about a dead body on the raised platform with all the supplies.

Chapter 10: Bus Depot

  • Conversation #32: Right at the start of the chapter, Ellie and Joel will walk down the highway toward the hospital. After a short conversation, Joel can speak with Ellie again.

  • Conversation #33: Passing by an RV, there’s a bus on the right. Ellie will look at it, and Joel can then talk to her about flying.

  • Conversation #34: Inside the bus terminal, Ellie will sit down on a bench. Talk to her when she does so before moving on.

  • Conversation #35: Later in the chapter, Ellie will run off and call to Joel about something she sees. Eventually, you’ll see a Giraffe munching on plant life. Step up to the creature and hit [Triangle] when the prompt appears to pet it.

  • Conversation #36: After that encounter, Joel and Ellie will reach the rooftop overlooking a scenic scene below. Ellie will lean forward and a [Triangle] will appear over her head.

  • Conversation #37: Leaving the triage camp outside the bus station, Joel and Ellie will approach a wrecked bus ahead wedged in their path with the side doors open. Before walking in, Ellie will say something. Turn around and activate the conversation to get a collectible and hear the final optional conversation.
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