The Last of Us: Safe Locations & Solutions Guide

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Published by Kevin Thielenhaus 7 years ago , last updated 2 years ago

Find every locked safe and its solution with the Last of Us locations and solutions guide. Periodically in the campaign, Joel (the hero) will stumble into these safes. Clues to the combination are usually close by, but they’re not all simple riddles. Below, we’ll show you where to find every safe, where to find the clue, and what the combination is. Safes contain a cache of useful items, so if you’re searching for easy rewards, look no further.

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Safe Locations & Solutions Guide

Chapter 3: The Outskirts

Safe #1:

  • Combination Location: In the large area where Joel must sneak by the Infected Clickers, there are stores in the left and right sides. From the entrance, stick to the left wall to enter a store. Jump the counter to find a shelf, open it to find an artifact inside.
  • Safe Location: The safe is in another store on the right of the entrance. The safe is in the corner next to the counter, and its protected by a Runner. Take it out, and get the loot inside.

Chapter 4: Bill’s Town

Safe #2:

  • Combination Location: Dropping onto the main street, there’s a truck on the right side of the street, with a Pizza restaurant on the left. Run all the way down the street to the makeshift barrier to find a note with the safe combination posted.
  • Safe Location: Remember the pizza place? Backtrack up the street and look on the truck across the street. The safe is in the back.

Chapter 5: Pittsburg

Safe #3:

  • Combination Location: Inside the flooded hotel, move the ladder to climb up to the upper level. Turn right and shimmy up the steps to reach elevator doors. Look in the corner on the ground to find the safe combination note.
  • Safe Location: Jump back down into the flooded level below, and check behind the counter to the left near the entrance. There’s a door behind the counter leading into a smaller room with the safe.

Chapter 6: The Suburbs

Safe #4:

  • Combination Location: Once Joel and the others escape the sewers, you’ll enter an abandoned neighborhood. The last house that can be explored is just past the fenced home. Go inside, and take the stairs up to the third floor to find an artifact on the computer desk.
  • Safe Location: With the combination, go back down to the second floor and search the bedrooms for a hard-to-miss safe.

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