The Light Keeps Us Safe has released from early access

By FileTrekker 4 years ago, last updated 4 years ago

The Light Keeps Us Safe is an interesting one. It's a procedurally-driven survival horror game that requires players to use stealth tactics to evade terrifying giant mechanical contraptions that seem to patrol the desolate world in which it is set.

The game has now left early access, and the new release features several new enhancements. The most welcome of these is a new difficulty system, allowing you to choose how hard you'd like the game to be at any point, even in the middle of existing saves. This is really useful, because this came can be pretty unforgiving.

The algorithm that produces the procedural world has also been improved, with promises that the environments will be even better than before. There's also been changes to bunker layouts, as well as various fixes including a long-standing audio issue. 

There's still some bugs to fix, according to the developer, such as long standing random performance issue, but if you've not played the game yet, it's well worth checking out.


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